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The second quarter at VMware starts out with a bang with VMware acquiring Mozey from our parent company EMC.  Check out Steve Herrod’s blog post on the acquisition here.  On with the top 5 for the week!

Jay Weinshenker – Licensing Oracle on VMware vSphere – Honestly, I thought this issue was done and buried, but over the past few weeks I’ve seen this question come up multiple times, so let’s get this cleared up.  Let’s go right to the source – Oracle’s own documentation. If you read Oracle’s partitioning document you will see that this is Oracle’s stance as of January 24, 2011. In it, it discusses soft partitioning and hard partitioning.

Jeff Szastak – Limiting Processors and Memory To Windows For POCs – As customers transition from phase 1 into phase 2 of their virtualization journey, they begin virtualizing business critical applications. As they move into this phase, they often perform a POC to understand how their application performs on physical versus a virtual platform. Customers often ask for guidance on conducting a POC and we talk to them about the importance of an apple to apples analysis. What I mean by this is making sure the physical server and the virtual machine are configured identically (or as identical as possible).

Eric Sloof – Mind Map For Troubleshooting vSphere Network Issues – Mind mapping is a powerful technique that allows you to make the most of your brainpower by creating maps that use colour, lines, and images to capture and organize your ideas, information, and tasks.  VMware’s support team has created two new mind maps which will help you solving Management and Network issues. In order to use these minmaps, you have to use a recent version (9) of Adobe Acrobat.

Carlo Costanzo – Creating an ESXi Installer on a USB flash key. – So you’ve read the unconfirmed warnings/rumors of ESX being end of life’d in the next version and you’ve decided to take the plunge and are about to install ESXi!  GREAT!  But you are not quite ready to run the system from a USB or SD card just yet.  You still want to install ESXi onto a classic RAID 1 hard drive set.  I guess I get it.  RAID 1 gives you the warm and fuzzies knowing that if there is a failure of 1 component (i.e. drive) the other will pick up the slack until morning.

Vaughn Stewart – Current Status, An Update, and a Look to the Future of Alignment – It has been one year to the date since the last time I authored a post on the topic of partition alignment. I think its fair to state this issue has gained awareness over the last year thanks to posts from a number of industry experts such as Duncan Epping, Aaron Delp, and Chad Sakac just to name a few. However alignment remains an open issue, which is unfortunate for customers and partners.