Virtualizing Exchange: Roundtable podcast #32

Last week we repeated our topic, Virtualizing Exchange and other enterprise messaging applications. Our guests, VMware's Dave Korsunsky and Jon Dybik, returned. A good time was had by all. As always, listen via the widget on the right, by downloading the mp3 directly, or by going through iTunes. (Every week, you can download the raw audio recording immediately, and then later I put it through Levelator, which makes it much more listenable and gives a constant volume from all the callers. So if you're blowing out your eardrums on your iPod with our surprise volume changes, try downloading again.)

Join us today in 3 hours or so (noon PST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT / 7am Sydney EDT) for an Open Topic Roundtable. Come by, join the chat, or call in. More info here. Some topics we may cover:

We focused on Microsoft Exchange last week, so other than our main page for things Exchangey:

all I've got for you today is our brand spankin' new section on the VMware Communities. Drop by and ask your questions there! Dave, Jon, and our other enterprise application experts are standing by.


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