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One Day VMware Fusion Madness: 50% off VMware Fusion. Combine with Competitive Rebate

I think Workstation is 25% off with the same code as well.

Link: VMware: Team Fusion: One Day VMware Fusion Madness: 50% off VMware Fusion. Combine with Competitive Rebate.

From 12:01 AM Pacific Time (well, I think it actually
might be live right now) on December 1st, 2008 through 11:59 PM, 24
hours later, VMware Fusion will be on sale for 50% off, worldwide.


right.  Using the coupon code “CyberMondayDeal” at checkout, you can
buy VMware Fusion at half off its typical list price.


What’s more, in the United States and Canada, this deal combines with our $30 competitive rebate for Parallels and Virtual PC for Mac users. On top of getting Fusion for half off, you can get $30 back when you prove ownership of a competing product.


So yes, you heard that right.


People interested in running Windows on the Mac, can do so with Fusion for half price, all day tomorrow.


And people interested in switching from Parallels and Virtual PC to VMware Fusion can do so for as little as $9.99.



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  1. Hope someone sees this. I tried to take advantage of exactly the offer you describe, but when I went to enter my rebate information, the system said the following:
    The Serial number you entered is not eligible for this rebate claim. If you feel you have a problem with your rebate, please visit Rebate & Help page or contact customer service.
    I hope someone can help. I’m already disappointed at having to jump through extra hoops just to get the rebate I was specifically promised on your corporate blog….

  2. @Eric W.
    Hi there Eric. Your serial number that you purchased from the VMware store is indeed eligible. It simply takes about 24 hours for the serial numbers to make it over to the rebate processing company.
    There is an error message that states this when you enter one that they have not received yet.
    Check back in a day or so, and it will work.
    However, the rebates are only valid for customers in the US and Canada, so please be aware of that limitation, which is noted on the VMware Fusion rebate page.
    Pete Kazanjy
    VMware Fusion Product Marketing

  3. ok i’ve gotten it to accep my serial number for the rebate. now on the next several pages after i put in my name and addres, i get generated a BLANK submission form without name or address. Tracking code is 0. I didn’t have an editable field to enter the serial number on the 2nd page. This rebate experience is so frustrating!

  4. @Dave R
    Thanks for the report of a problem. I checked with our rebate company, and they had a period of downtime with the tracking software.
    They said that they’ve addressed it, and it should be working now. If you don’t get it to work, please email fusionsales@vmware.com and we’ll do our best to get it done for you.
    Pete Kazanjy
    VMware Fusion Product Marketing

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