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Our VMware blogs are turning out to be a great resource to dig into topics that, while they might be covered in the docs or white papers, are helped by pulling them out and viewing them in tighter focus — and letting them be indexed by Google. Some examples include

And now VMware's own Duncan Epping has a nice and thorough look at two storage parameters you should know about: EnableResignature and DisallowSnapshotLUN. From looking at the comments on Duncan's post, I'd say you don't want to have to figure out these specialized options on the fly when something goes wrong.

EnableResignature and/or DisallowSnapshotLUN » Yellow Bricks.

I’ve spend a lot of time in the past trying to understand the settings
for EnableResignature and DisallowSnapshotLUN. It had me confused and
dazzled a couple of times. Every now and then I still seem to have
trouble to actually understand these settings, after a quick scan
through the VCDX Enterprise Study Guide
by Peter I decided to write this post and I took the time to get to the
bottom of it. I needed this settled once and for all, especially now I
start to focus more on BC/DR. … I do want to stress that setting the options should always be used
temporarily considering the impact these changes can have! When you set
any of both options reset them to the default.


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