What’s in a virtual datacenter operating system? Communities Roundtable podcast #20

This week we talked about the concepts of the virtual datacenter OS with VMware’s own Leena Joshi, and we covered some of the 2009 roadmap material we presented at VMworld 2008 this year. Listen, as always, via the widget over there on the right or the mp3. (52:01 duration) More notification options here, and I’m very pleased to announce that the Communities Roundtable Podcast is now in the iTunes Store — just search for VMware or go right here.

Links you can use:

Next week, we’ll once again do a live show next Wednesday at Noon Pacific, topic TBD.

Bonus just because you read this far: I think Leena is working on a blog post over at the VI Team Blog, but I’ll scoop her with some YouTube versions of the videos over at the VDC-OS site. Same content, crappier resolution, but you can share them with your friends or on your blog much easier. Collect them all!


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