Wednesday keynote with Steve Herrod


Pictures copyright Sven & Johan of virtualfuture.info, shown here liveblogging.

Steve Herrod in action:

© All rights reserved Viktor van den Berg.

OK, the bloggers are in the house. I’ll update this post as I spot liveblogs and coverage of today’s keynote, which is traditionally the tech/future keynote.

Keynote webcasts

Coverage already coming in:

More Twitter coverage:

Todd liked the AppSpeed demo: "Vappspeed demo is incredible. It is able to map down to sql statement level and monitor perf. Killer features"

VC on LInux in a Virtual Appliance? Sean Clark gets going on Twitter: "I know I’m not going to able to stand up for a while!!  VCenter on nix?  That is moist and chewy!" [Indeed.]

wilso4jm: Way to go vmworld for rick rolling everyone in the audience. I have so much more respect for VMWare now.

Scott @ DellTechCenter: New vFaulttolerance is very slick. One click to enable

More Lab Openings! "VMware
Datacenter Technology Preview" -9:30-11:30; 1:00p-3:00p and 3:30p –
5:30p Wed&Thu. Palazzo Ballroom E


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