VMworld announcements: the Virtual Datacenter OS and the VMware Ready ecosystem

Today the first round of announcements at VMworld were released:

This is a lot to absorb. I’ve been pre-briefed for weeks, and I’m still abosrbing it all. Take your time — we’re here all week. For the Virtual Datacenter OS, don’t get distracted by all the cloud hype and 10,000 mile overview — VMware has announced real product features that implement real services that are a natural extension of what already goes on in VMware Infrastructure.

We’ll be talking plenty about the VDC-OS throughout the week (best VDC-OS blog round-up so far), so take a moment to check out the other announcements. The VMware Ready program, the vStorage APIs, and VMware Studio are interesting proof points about the extensibility of VMware’s platform and (to stretch a metaphor) how VMware is creating enough fertile ground for the entire ecosystem to grow into.

And since I’m a community guy, let me point out our new academic community go-virtual.org. It’s targeted at virtualization researchers at the university level, but it also makes resources like academic papers and courseware (ie, course materials, presentations, tools) available to all of us. If you really want to pop open the hood and get your hands covered in computer science grease, check it out.

OK, enough metaphors. Check out the Twitter stream and Planet V12n for breaking news.


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