Tuesday night linkage at VMworld

Bridget Botelho @ Server Virtualization Blog VMworld 2008 is packed…Good God, who is manning the servers?!

The volume of IT administrators who are here in Vegas this week makes
me wonder in a slight panic, who is manning all of the servers?

Too many announcements to absorb, so the Channel Virtualization Blog does a round-up for you: VMworld 2008 – Industry News in the shadow of VMworld,

VMworld.com blogs continue to grow. Right now I see Todd Muirhead @ Dell’s Paul Q&A Notes, Disappointed in the BOFs (more on that later), Pictures from VMworld, and more. Go to the main vmworld.com blog page and start scrolling.

Veteran MSFT watcher Mary Jo Foley @ ZDNet on what Microsoft is doing in the datacenter beyond Windows Server VMware’s Datacenter OS: Windows isn’t the competition

James Staten @ Forrester Link: Cloud Courting: Round 1 about clouds, Xen, xSP margins, and OVF as a commoditizing force

itsjustanotherlayer.com VMworld 2008 – Day 1

What is interesting is that the vDatacenter OS is not really a single
product line.   Its more of a framework layout.   A set of potential
coming APIs that will define all the interfaces openly across all the

and also Brand spanking new writing from VMworld 2008

Checking out the new marketing perspective from VMware and I think they
are finally at the right level.   Virtual Infrastructure was a step in
the right direction about 2 years ago and now they are at vDatacenter OS
or vDC-OS.   I’ve been talking about the power of being able to treat
most if not all configurations as software for the past 4 years. 
VMware is now accepting that fact and has most if not all the pieces in
place finally with the ability to talk more closely to the Storage and
Networks and Manage the environments with tools like Lifecycle Manager
(Dunes VS-O).

VMware: REAL Write Once, Run Anywhere

Virtual Strategy Magazine – Maritz Speaks to the VMworld 2008 Press.

response was clear, that a bit of turmoil and turnover is expected when a
company undergoes executive leadership change. He described VMware’s future as
“a journey we are going to embark upon.”

He also
emphasized that the plan laid out this morning is aggressive and noted that,
“We’re going to need all the friends we can” in order to succeed with vCloud,
vClient and the Virtual Datacenter Operating System.

Ton Valovc @ Virtualization Review Valovic on Virtualization: VMware: The Vision Thing. I think this is one of the more interesting points about the VDC-OS — a big vision but backed up by actual features that are completely understandable in the context of current services and features.

take at this juncture is that it’s essentially more detail and some
incremental forward movement on what VMware calls the "data center of
the future" and Microsoft calls "Dynamic IT", a complex construct
that’s all about automating VM-based processes and making them
“elastic, self-managing, and self-healing” to use VMware’s terminology.


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