Tuesday Keynote – Paul Maritz – Will it be moist and chewy?

[Updated many times, the latest Tuesday night.]

Keynote webcast

I’ll update this entry with coverage of Paul’s Tuesday keynote as it becomes available.

Extra special Virtually Anything is Possible, even having Apple Update pop up during the keynote.

And the journos weigh in. Am I unfair in stereotyping them as playing up the competition aspect of this morning’s keynote rather than the technological vision (ie, the cool part)?

We were all set for the Twitter questions, and then Paul ran out of
time. (You might have seen the Twitter screen at the end.) We hope that
Steve can address them tomorrow.

From Twitter:

extraspecial: VMworld keynote was actually very good, I think they have a pretty wise and complete vision of where this all is going. #vmworld

vmworld: latoga:
I see future where your vInfrastructure tells you you need more
capacity and can direct you to vCloud provider to close gap

vmworld: cjankow: VMware vEVERYTHING, Apple iEVERYTHING Great companies, changing the world, one letter ahead of all the rest.

thevirtualdc: #vmworld
– nice description of bluelock as well and only paying for cloud time
as needed. B-hive has a nice network dashboard. Headed to …
thevirtualdc: #vmworld– the b-hive/appspeed demo went great. Moving VMs (vapp service) in and
out of the cloud as usage need dictatated, managed by gtm.

nohype: awesome, Paul Maritz mocking Microsoft at #vmworld "Will it be moist and chewy?"  The answer is Yes 🙂

ccano: #vmworld impressive demos of vcloud and vclient at vmworld keynote

ghaff: One thing that VMware is doing here is to move away from nomenclature that has become largely generic–like VDI to VMware View. #vmworld

latoga: #Vmworld demo just showed self expanding infrastrucure: something I worked on 8 years ago at Resonate…

gurganus: VMworld
– cool demo where VMware automatically learned and measured app perf.
Then it automatically provisioned more VMs to handle high load

gurganus: VMworld – new mgmt tools to managing VM application performance via user centric metrics – e.g. Web site response time

thevirtualdc: #vmworld
– "once your vapp vservice is virtual & stable, you can move parts
of your vapp in and out of the cloud as you wish. Total mobi …

DellatVMWorld: DellTechCenter: http://twitpic.com/btgc – 3 Themes for keynote and #vmworld #todd

jonathaneunice: Example of go-to status: Maritz says over 100 companies, including many large XSPs, signed up for vCloud initiative. #vmworld

jonathaneunice: The lower-case letter "v" is the new black. #vmworld
virgilwashere: Hey Nigel – ruby on rails getting a mention at vmworld keynote

jonathaneunice: Martiz
demonstrating that VMware may now have serious virtualization
competition, but still "sets the frame" and is go-to partner. #vmworld


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