Tuesday afternoon at VMworld

The blogging continues from all parts of VMworld. (hat tip to Duncan for some of these links)

The shirt says "Real Men Use Real Hypervisors"


Scott Lowe

Colin McNamara – Cisco releases Nexus 1000v virtual switch for VMware

Rich Brambley – TA3807: VirtualCenter Directions (live blogging)

Colin Steele @ ChannelMarker Maritz flattered by Microsoft’s guerrilla marketing

Andrew Kutz: VMworld 2008: Looking Back At Day 1

Ultimately the first day was best summed up by the champion of VMware
bloggers, John Troyer. I was sharing my thoughts with him and he made a
pointed statement: VMworld 2008 is not about virtualization, it is not
about the hypervisor; VMworld 2008 is about the ecosystem that VMware
has created. What John means is that we are at a point in this field
where the virtualization aspect is no longer important. We get it. We
can virtualize. Now, what do we do with it?

I apologize for quoting Andrew quoting me, but I wanted to clarify a bit. I certainly didn’t mean the hypervisor is a commodity. My point was that it’s not about a single hypervisor partitioning a single server anymore. That’s 2004. In 2009 it’s about producing an extensible, flexible platform for the datacenter and building the ecosystem of partner functionality around it. That’s my take on why the VDC-OS is an important concept.

Eric Sloof is shooting a lot of video. Some of the audio is challenging, but worth it if it’s a topic you’re interested in:

Steve Wilson’s Weblog (@ Sun): VMworld Day 0

Definitely check out the twitter stream if you’re interested in what’s going on as it goes on. It’s a potent mix of notes, self-promotion, news, technology insights, and complaints about the wi-fi.

#VMworld #Cisco  Good documentation on the Nexus 1000V virtual switch. http://is.gd/2Jb7

vmworld: DellTechCenter: ta2920 is great session. it’s the VDC-OS session but not shown as that on the session description
ColinSteele: Maritz says Microsoft’s guerrilla marketing campaign at VMworld was flattering: http://snurl.com/3qwsz
mvaughn25: @vmworld Used the storage vmotion plugim for 3.5, seen a preview of the native solution in ext release. One of many cool new features
DellTechCenter: Hot add vcpu to a VM is coming as well as syncronous VM fault tolerance  in 09 – according to session I am in. Very cool #vmworld #todd
tomaste: Walked out of AD2384 (Capacity Management) Very high level. Appropriate for a non-techie.

tradeshownews: (PHOTO) VMware President and Chief Executive Officer Opens VMworld 2008 – http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20080916006630/en
kevinreedy: "VMWare ESX Architectural Directions" was great. Birds of a feather wasn’t worth the time. Now going to the Lab Manager lab #vmworld
scott_lowe: #VMworld BC1693 is a good look at the considerations for SRM design
autumntt: Cisco makes headlines at VMworld Conference. Hear what VMware’s CTO has to say about network virtualization http://tinyurl.com/6z4dua
: liveblog from a joint netapp & vmware session at VMworld http://twurl.nl/e4zeoe
mrpiercy: The number one thing I learned at VMworld? Computer geeks come in all shapes and sizes.
vmworld: utopianmirage: just had a long talk with hyper9 and i am excited. Web 2.0 meets datacenter single pane of glass!
vmworld: LeftHandView: is your storage running with true storage virtualization? If it’s tied to HW the answer is no.
Banzai51: @vmworld LeftHandView: what is different about ‘cloud’ computing vs the miserable failures of SaaS of the past?
vmworld: LeftHandView: The cloud addresses all market segments, similar to the internet or SAAS apps.
: TechWhack: VMware President and Chief Executive Officer Opens VMworld 2008 http://tinyurl.com/5by8j5
tech2tw: GigaOM: Cisco Virtualizes The Network, The Data Center: At the VMWorld Show, Cisco took the first .. http://tinyurl.com/6aouxb
craigbalding: #VMworld ESX will have ASLR + NX in addition to VMsafe

Liveblogging tomorrow: we will have tables & they promise me better wifi. For those watching from home, you may or may not get liveblogging in Steve Herrod’s keynote Wednesday morning. Cross your fingers. Keynote webcasts.


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  1. I’m sorry I misquoted you John — though I was trying to agree with you 🙂 VMworld 2008 is certainly about what we can do with the hypervisor, not the hypervisor itself.

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