Do-it-yourself VMworld blogging

I’ve been watching the tweets and blog posts as folks arrive home from VMworld. This weekend or Monday I’ll pull together the links as the last of the session notes come online and the show wrap-ups and big picture summaries come out. But in the meantime my garden needs some attention.

So here’s what I’m going to be doing to grab the next set of interesting links. Feel free to do it yourself and add in the comments any articles that look exceptionally good.

And that should do it. I also want to gather together (1) all the news I can find around the Cisco announcement, because that’s perhaps the biggest product-oriented development at the show; (2) a wrap-up of our new vClient Initiative, including the parts that are still unfamiliar to me (the new protocol) and perhaps to you (the new Client Virtualization layer); and (3) a wrap-up of the analyst and journalist reaction to the VDC-OS, which most are recognizing as a big-picture vision backed up with an evolution of today’s solid technology. Don’t get too hung up on the vCloud — if you’re running DRS, you’re already seen the silver lining.


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  1. I think Scott Lowe should be mentioned for his excellent live blogs during the keynotes and the sessions… I think he produced the most content of everyone.

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