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Fusion 2.0 RC1 available: embedded Windows virus scan

Have I mentioned how VMware tends to slip more features into its products during the beta cycle? It’s like Christmas every day around here. You think you’ve poked and shaken all the boxes in your parents’ closet and know what’s coming, and then the shiny new bike shows up in front of the tree. Today’s shiny bike is a free year of virus protection for your XP or Vista VMs that you can invoke from the Fusion toolbar. There are other new features in the  RC, which you can read about here: VMware: Team Fusion: VMware Fusion 2 Goes Release Candidate: Embedded Antivirus Software, Enhanced Localization, and More.

VMware Fusion 2 Release Candidate 1 is now freely available for download.

Just like VMware Fusion 2 Beta 1 and VMware Fusion 2 Beta 2, the RC is free to download.  VMware Fusion 2 will be a free, downloadable upgrade for all VMware Fusion 1.x customers, when released.

Keep those bugs away!

Building on great features like Multiple Snapshots and AutoProtect automatic,
timed snapshots that keep your Windows-on-Mac experience as safe as
possible, VMware Fusion 2 RC also includes an embedded complimentary
12-month subscription to McAfee VirusScan Plus to make sure your
Windows XP and Vista stay squeaky clean.

can install VirusScan Plus right from the VMware Fusion menu bar, from
the moment you create a new virtual machine, meaning you’re always


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