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The VMTN Blog’s Chief Fusion Correspondent Pete writes:

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VMware Fusion just launched last Monday, and the folks at CNET Labs are already hard at work doing some benchmarking.  They compared different ways of running Windows on Mac OS X, including Apple’s Boot Camp 1.3 Beta, VMware Fusion, and Parallels Desktop 3.0.  The results were pretty strong for VMware Fusion, and we’re happy to see how well VMware’s newest virtualization product performed against the alternatives.

Results are here.


Fusion’s Virtual SMP technology takes advantage of the multiple cores of the Mac Pro, and it really shows up in their "most taxing" multimedia benchmark where Fusion accomplished in around 15 minutes what it took Parallels Desktop almost an hour to do (874 vs 3260 seconds).

Check out VMware Fusion. It’s the best reason to buy a Mac Pro.