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Warren Ponder announces the availability of the Pocket Ace Guide.

Pocket ACE enables an ACE Administrator to deploy ACE instances using portable media devices such as USB keys (flash memory drives), Apple iPod mobile digital devices, or portable hard drives. When an ACE instance is deployed, you can attach the portable device to any x86-based host computer to run the ACE instance. When you finish using an ACE instance, you can shut down, detach the media, take it with you, and restart your session by attaching the portable media device to another host. …

Along with the technical details, this tech note spends about a page discussing some interesting use cases:

  • providing secure remote access for users working remotely using untrusted hosts
  • increasing the security and mobility of mobile users
  • providing temporary access to contract workers using untrusted hosts
  • providing access to offshore outsource partners
  • providing disaster recovery
  • distributing beta or trial software