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How do you like our new look?


Notice anything different around here? We’ve put up some new curtains and rearranged the furniture. The VMware website has been completely renovated. We hope you like it and find it useful.

Along with the new paint, notice that we’ve reorganized. The five main tabs along the top of the page now contain the major sections of the site.

VMware. This is the main section, with information on  VMware, our products and services, and our partners. Here you can also learn more about virtualization in general.

Communities. This section gathers together the VMware Technology Network discussion forums as well as other communities where VMware, our customers, and our partners can all interact. Blogs are also in this section, both from VMware as well as the greater virtualization blogosphere.

Virtual Appliances Marketplace. The VAM finally gets its own tab. Learn more about virtual appliances, and then download any of the over 550 virtual appliances, including production-ready appliances for your virtual infrastructure.

Store. Purchase products and support as well as manage your account, licenses, and contracts.

Support. Everything you need to successfully deploy and manage your virtualization infrastructure, including documentation, the knowledge base, and tools to interact with our support organization.

Everything that was here should still be here, so please poke around a bit if we’ve moved a side table or lamp. If you notice problems or can’t find something, please use this website feedback form. That’s the most direct way of reaching the web team. Feel free to leave general comments, both positive and negative, here on this blog post.

Led by the web team, an entire swath of VMware has worked to make this happen, including corporate marketing, sales operations, IT applications, IT operations, and QA. We’re proud of the new site and we hope whatever you need is both easier to find and easier to use — and looks better as well.

— John on behalf of the team

p.s. If I can get her to stand still, next week I’ll try to get Sindy Braun, senior director of web marketing, to say a few words here on the blog about the design philosophies and motivations that went into the redesign.

20 thoughts on “How do you like our new look?

  1. Chris

    You finally re-organized your products lists! They make more sense now than they did in the last version of your site.

  2. jtroyer

    @Paulo: Yes, we’ll try to make the forums wider as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you are logged in, make sure you go to your Control Panel and set your Topic View to “Flat.” That won’t change the width, but it will stop any long threads from overflowing on the right.
    @Adrian: The Planet pages have now been fixed. Glad you like it!
    @Chris: Thanks!

  3. Borgetta

    Hello. I like your home page and want to let you know that in the blue type in Mozilla the display of the third line has
    the word virtual running over the bulleted:
    “* Join a webinar or demo” but in IE this line looks great.
    Cant understand – so you need to review in Mozilla the code.
    Great site. Thank you,

  4. ed

    Nice site, better every time. seems every new site is dotnet nuke blue, or is the blue just relaxing???

  5. Immanuvel

    Its good, but it looks more like a Consumer marketing website, rather than an Enterprise one.. 🙁

  6. Benny

    Looks good – Real issue for me has been with the latest Support Request portal solution locking up the IE7 browser when uploading vm-support files (at least the ticket still gets opened and I don’t have to reenter everything). Problem there is that during one of the upload screens the browser starts opening up more and more tabs until IE crashes.
    FTP still the best bet there.
    Nice look though!

  7. Mark

    The font colors are to light for a white background. It’s hard to be existed about the layout when its hard to see.

  8. jtroyer

    Thanks for all the comments. The ones reporting issues I’ve forwarded to our web team. You can use this form to write directly to them.
    Give the new design a few days to grow on you. The comments about it being too light have also been forwarded to the designers. Maybe it needs some tweaking for monitors with high gamma.
    @Paolo. Have you tried the VMware Store?

  9. Paolo Caciolli

    All pages now display using all the screen. Really good. Now I can truly say this site is better than before, and all of you are doing a great job!
    Yes, Company Merchandise I should find it by myself, something changes and I get panic…
    Thanks to all of you

  10. Al M

    The small squares which represent virtual machines seem scattered and give a feeling that virtual machines are wild and unorganized which echoes many of my customers feelings and concerns regarding vm sprawl.
    Besides that I like the new look…its seems more crisp.

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