VMware Fusion

Coherence? Meet Unity

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Tony says: "VMware may have taken its time doing it but a sneak preview of Fusion oozes good design sensibility, with Windows integration that blows the pants off anything you’ve seen before. Move, resize and stack your Windows apps as if they were running directly on your Mac; it feels like you’ve liberated them from their ugly prison ;-)"


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  1. I get the feeling that if this video broke earlier, a lot of casual Mac virtualization users might have ignored the recent pre-order promotion for Parallels 3. But as a long time VMware Server user, the company reputation was enough for me to skip the pre-order. Aside from the tight guest/host desktop integration of Unity, I can only wish for the final release includes a “console” to allow the user to connect (even without Unity support) to remote VMware Server hosts running on Windows or Linux (or even on other Macs using Fusion!) the way VMware Server Console does. It would also be delightful if the final release of Fusion was free. =)
    Anyways, thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. This is a really astounding and wonderful feature but what about Unity for VMware Workstation (esp. for Linux hosts)?

  3. This is really awesome, this is exactly what I needed to see to stop me from purchasing Parallels. Now if they only had this available for the Windows VMWare workstation, my dreams managing multiple systems from one system would be almost complete.

  4. Between better support for Linux (CentOS 4 in particular) and this, I’m ready to ditch Parallels. PLEASE tell me you guys are planning a competitive upgrade.

  5. Funky stuff. But why not just run Windows? I got Fusion Beta installed on my MacBook and I just never need to use it. OS X, X11 and TSClientX do everything I need. Perhaps I’m an exception.
    Now virtualising commodity Windows OS on an Xserve could be interesting, but ESX and VirtualCenter already rock (pity VirtualCenter is Windows only).
    I purged my dependence on any vendor a long long time ago. My data is in open formats, the OS is completely irrelevant to me nowadays (something VMware taught me back in 2000).
    Uh, great demo though, don’t get me wrong!

  6. Hi,
    This is really exciting. This was the only reason to stay @ parallels. I am wondering if you can associate documents storend on HFS with windows applications.
    Great demo.

  7. VMware Fusion – Sneak Preview zu Coherence-Alernative

    Um VMware Fusion war es nun einige Zeit recht still. Nun habe ich im VMware-Blog ein Video gefunden. Es zeigt, wie VMware zu Parallels Desktop aufholen will.
    VMware Fusion soll eine Funktion erhalten mit dem Namen Unity. Diese ist wie der Coherence Mo…

  8. As a long time Windows user, Windows certification owner, and user of Microsoft-based computers and servers of 15 years, I am very pleased to see vmware offering this product. A few friends at work own Macs, and we have them around for browser testing as well. I am very wary of moving to Vista, possibly cause of the all be bad press, but mostly because the O/S is becoming less important nowadays. You can literally perform all of your work and data storage online now. My backups, email, and some word processing is there already. Once Photoshop goes online, I will be happy. My next PC will likely be a nice small, lightwieght Mac laptop!

  9. Indeed, now if they could just get a client like this for Vista/XP, and allow it to pull apps from ESX server guest OSes, VMware Server Guests, or Workstation 6 guests, the dream would be complete. Any app, from anywhere, running on any OS. Would be a beautiful day…

  10. I love the new way both you and other people in your market start showing us, that it all can come together. I sure like your mode way better by now! Congrats!

  11. I love the songs on that clip. Could you please shortly say what their names are and who the artist is? Would be great. Thanks.
    Oh, and by the way, Fusion looks GREAT! 😉

  12. David: The difference is that Unity supports Expose and z-ordering. With Coherence, even though it doesn’t look like it, everything is still in one window. If you bring one guest window to the front, all of the windows in that guest come to the front. With Unity, only the one you chose comes to the front, just like you’d expect.
    With Coherence, if you Expose, you can’t see the individual guest windows. With Unity, you can.

  13. I did notice the wallpaper background flashing up in the dock and close of applications.
    Is this a limitation of the Mac Desktop, or just simply have not got around to fine tuning like this?

  14. Vergleich Parallels 3 – VMware Fusion Beta 4

    Die letzten paar Tage hab ich damit verbracht mir die beiden Virtualisierungslsungen fr Mac nher anzuschauen. Hier ein kleiner Erfahrungsbericht. Ich mchte noch dazusagen, dass ich nur wegen meinem Homebanking und fr VPN…

  15. I’ve just installed VMware fusion on an imac but I’m unable to access the shared drives on the windows workgroup. Can anybody help?

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