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VMware Workstation 6.0 Released

VMware Workstation 6.0 is now generally available.

From the press release:

New features in VMware Workstation include:

  • Windows Vista support: Users can deploy Windows Vista as a guest or host operating system, facilitating re-hosting of legacy systems, enabling upgrade and migration projects with minimal end-user disruption and simplifying Windows Vista evaluations.
  • Multiple monitor display: Users can configure one virtual machine to span multiple monitors or multiple virtual machines to each display on separate monitors with this industry-first capability, enhancing desktop productivity.
  • USB 2.0 support: Users can take advantage of high-performance peripherals such as Apple iPods and fast storage devices.
  • ACE authoring capabilities: As a companion to VMware Workstation 6, VMware now offers a VMware ACE Option Pack, which enables VMware Workstation 6 users to create secure, centrally manageable virtual machines. Mobility is one of the primary benefits of this Option Pack, as it allows users to securely transport virtual machines on portable media devices such as USB memory sticks.
  • Integrated Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) functionality: Users can create a virtual machine in minutes by “cloning” an existing physical computer.
  • Integrated virtual debugger: Users can deploy, run and debug programs inside a virtual machine directly from their preferred integrated development environments (IDEs), accelerating debugging with this industry-first integration with Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Background virtual machine execution: Users can run virtual machines in the background without the VMware Workstation user interface for an uncluttered user experience.
  • Automation APIs: Users can write scripts and programs that automate and help quicken virtual machine testing with support for VIX API 2.0.

In addition, VMware Workstation 6 advances the state of the art in virtualization technology with groundbreaking new capabilities including:

  • Continuous virtual machine record and replay (experimental): Users can record the execution of a virtual machine, including all inputs, outputs and decisions made along the way. On demand, the user can go “back in time” to the start of the recording and replay execution, guaranteeing that the virtual machine will perform exactly the same operations every time and ensuring bugs can be reproduced and resolved.
  • Virtual Machine Interface (VMI) support (experimental): VMware Workstation 6 is the first virtualization platform to allow execution of paravirtualized guest operating systems that implement the VMI interface.

3 thoughts on “VMware Workstation 6.0 Released

  1. Andrew Leckie

    we recently purchased and registered VMware 5.5.3 with a valid license key, but after performing the upgrade (as prompted to by VMware Workstation), the same license keye isn’t accpeted in the VMware 6 install process. I understood teh upgrade would be seamless – is this not the case?

  2. Mike Smith

    I have WKS6 under Windows Vista Business. One very critical guest is DOS 6.22 which runs a proprietary program with an old- style LPT dongle/hasp. I can still check that the hasp works on an old Windows 95 box.
    I have successfully run the program/hasp on the DOS 6.22 VM. My eldest son pointed out that disabling screen savers, disks, power schemes… could help maintain the guest in the multi-threading host environment. This tip was certainly true for many months. But then after the last couple of Microsoft KBs, I can no longer run the DOS 6.22 program successfully.
    HELP! (other than just dialing out the KBs).

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