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5G Enabling the Connected Classroom

The education industry is undergoing transformation and remote learning environments are critical to their success.  By taking advantage of new technology like VR, today’s teachers can virtually present immersive learning experiences.  This is enabling remote students to engage and learn from anywhere on any connected device. 

The technology, once considered a proof of concept, is now a reality.  In fact, the faculty and students at Coventry University are realizing the power of a 5G connected classroom with the help of Vodafone, NVIDIA, VMware, and Xpllore. 

“Xpllore has been developing our unique pipeline to deliver ultra-high-end VR applications from the cloud directly to a VR headset with the help of VMware”, stated Xpllore Founder and CEO, Chris Guerin. “We have built an on-premise cloud solution for Coventry University with multiple partners to deliver Healthcare VR lessons to thousands of students using VR headsets, laptops and mobile devices.” 

VMware Horizon was used as the platform for running high-fidelity VR applications in the data center, streamed via NVIDIA CloudXR to virtual reality devices running Xpllore.  One of the benefits of this is that the VR applications running on VMware Horizon can be streamed to VR devices and non-VR devices. 

Vodafone’s 5G standalone network is the foundation for Coventry University trials to transform teaching and deliver immersive and interactive remote learning. The user experience is responsive and immersive wherever they are, thanks to the ultra-low latency of Vodafone’s 5G network. 

Xpllore’s VR marketplace was showcased by VMware at Mobile World Congress Barcelona earlier this year.  Attendees of the event were invited to experience the Metaverse Educational platform first-hand. 

“Coventry University is a great example of how customers are leveraging VMware products to deliver state-of-the-art immersive experiences. VMware Horizon is a multi-cloud solution that can host VR applications. With NVIDIA CloudXR and partners like Xpllore, VR applications can be streamed from Horizon to mobile standalone VR devices. In addition, VMware Workspace ONE UEM supports managing the latest VR devices in the enterprise. To complete the solution, we have an exciting Beta called Workspace ONE XR Hub that can deliver a secure enterprise VR experience. Bring all of this together and you have a complete end-to-end immersive education and training solution.” Matt Coppinger, Director, Product Management, VMware 

The 5G connected classrooms at Coventry University are enabling remote students to engage and learn from anywhere on any connected device.  Together, Vodafone, NVIDIA, and Xpllore are driving virtual immersive experiences with VMware technology. 

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