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VMware vCloud NFV Hands-on-Lab is Now Available Online!

First introduced at VMworld 2016, the VMware vCloud NFV hands on lab (HOL) is now available online! The lab is designed for Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) practitioners, architects and decision makers looking to better understand the value of NFV. The lab shows how fast new Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services can be introduced using automation and orchestration in an NFV architecture.

Built with the support of VMware NFV partners, the lab comprises Orchestration from Gigaspaces‘ Cloudify and  Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) from Athonet . The VNFs include a virtual IP Multimedia Subsystem (vIMS) and virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC). VMware vCloud NFV delivers the NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and the Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) components to form a common, horizontal, NFV platform of compute, storage and networking.

Lab Architecture


The Lab demonstrates:

  • Modeling, application blueprinting, provisioning, configuration, VNFs deployment, end-to-end service activation.
  • Managing the above with Cloudify from the NFV Orchestration (NFVO) layer using Topology Orchestration Specification for Cloud Application (TOSCA) based Orchestration.
  • Scale in and scale out of the vIMS and vEPC environments.

Lab Modules

1. Getting started (15 minutes, beginner level)
2. TOSCA-based blueprinting and modelling (30 minutes, advanced level)
3. VoLTE solution deployment (30 minutes, advanced level)
4. Lifecycle management of a VoLTE core (30 minutes, advanced level)

This NFV Hands-On-Labs is now available globally to anyone from anywhere on the public internet 24/7/365, until December 1st, 2017.

The vCloud NFV Hands On Lab can be accessed through this direct Link:

On completing the lab users will have learned how a strong NFVI infrastructure, such as VMware vCloud NFV, enables easy installation, modeling, service activation and deployment of end-to-end services. The lab provides a background to the design, deployment and management, including ‘day-2’ operationalisation, of NFV services generally.

For technical information about the lab please contact  Dharma Rajan at

For more information on VMware NFV solutions:

VMware NFV Solutions: 

VMware Customer and Partner Testimonials:

vCloud NFV hands on lab

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2 comments have been added so far

  1. First of all thanks for providing such a nice platform to assess nfv deployments. Excellent experience as a beginner on end-to-end nfv service orchestration, but one point of question is does cloudify manages rollbacks in case of backend resources goes down to inconsistent state during workflow executions? I have tried with the same and couldn’t force fully terminate/cancel workflow neither from cloudify ui nor from cli. I have faced this kind of behaviour with my cloudify setup also. Apart from this nfv service deployment experience is tremendous.

    1. Abhijeet
      Thanks for the comment. Ideally if the backend resource goes down to an inconsistent state you should see events and logs in Cloudify and the system should rollback to known good state, so that you can rerun the operation. If you have a specific case with example where this has not worked, email me the details ( and we can look at that with Cloudify.

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