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VMware vCloud Director Integration with vCenter and NSX

Once the vCloud Director appliance is deployed and configured. Register vCenter with vCloud Director from vCloud provider admin portal.

Step 1: First we login to the vCloud Director service provider admin portal at https:// VCD FQDN_or_IP_address /provider with administrator credentials >> vSphereResources >> vCenters >> Add vCenter Server

Step2: Based on your environment you can skip or add NSX-V Manager instance that is associated with vCenter Server and complete the registration

Step3: Once vCenter is registered you can register the NSX-T separately as it is independent of vCenter. You may register the NSX-T from admin portal >> >> vSphereResources >> NSX-T Managers >> Register NSX-T Manager

Once registration is complete you perform various operations to utilize the NSX-T features. For example, network pool creation is the same as with VXLAN. You can also import all the networks defined in NSX-T.


Now you can create Provider VDC (PVDC) which as a collection of compute, memory, and storage resources from vCenter Server instance that relies on NSX Data Center for vSphere or NSX-T Data Center for network resources. In addition, a Provider VDC provides resources to organization VDCs. A provider VDC can be created using the vCloud Director API, a powerful and easy to use solution for getting information about organizations, VDCs, networking and vApps. In this blog post Chrome “postman” REST api client is used for making the vCloud Director API calls.


Step 1: Get the “x-vcloud-authorization” token value which is required for further REST API calls


Step2: Retrieve the NSX-T Manager registered to this cloud.

Step 3: Retrieve the list of vCenter servers registered to this cloud.

Step 4: Retrieve the resources on a vCenter Server

Step 5: Retrieve a list of resource pools from a vCenter Server

Step 6:  Create a Provider VDC backed by NSX-T Data Center.

Step7: Finally verify that Provider VDC from the vCloud Director Service Provider Admin portal.

Next you can create organization VDCs and External networks-based on your environment.

Detailed step by step demos can be found on our Telco YouTube Channel


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