VMware to Demonstrate End-to-End NFV Services at NFV World Congress

Summary – I often get asked ‘when will commercial NFV services become available?’ The answer is ‘they already are!’ Based on real-world deployments, VMware and partners are demonstrating Mobile Core and Customer Premise solutions at NFV World Congress. Join me at the event for a tour of the possible – today

NFV Congress Demos – Where the Rubber Meets the Road

VMware is a founding Gold Sponsor of the NFV World Congress in San Jose, Calif. (May 6th-8th). As the cloud enters a new phase – the Telco Cloud – VMware continues to help customers innovate and transform from ridged service silos to flexible and cost efficient cloud-based operations. VMware has worked with global and local operators to deploy horizontal, multivendor NFV platforms that are enabling revenue-generating services today.

At the congress we will be showcasing telco service applications for the customer premise and the mobile core. Both demonstrations are based on the ETSI NFV reference architecture, utilizing the VMware vCloud for NFV platform.

  • Orchestrating NFV Virtual CPE (vCPE) Services Across the Data Center and WAN: Colt Technology Services, Cyan Inc, Versa Networks and VMware will deliver a proof-of-concept (PoC) demonstration of end-to-end service orchestration and management of vCPE virtual network functions across an NFV-ready data center infrastructure and wide area network. The PoC utilizes VMware vCloud for NFV as the NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and the Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM), Versa Networks FlexVNF™ software providing a rich set of hyper-elastic, multi-service and multi-tenant virtualized network functions (VNFs), and Cyan Blue Planet as the central service orchestrator to manage and automate the processes associated with on-boarding and removing VNFs, as well as service chaining.
  • Dynamic Scaling and Service Creation in the virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC)Affirmed Networks will demonstrate the Mobile Content Cloud (MCC), a vEPC suite purpose built for deployment in virtualized networks running on the vCloud for NFV platform. The capabilities on display will include multi-dimensional dynamic scaling, the Acuitas EMS and VNF management system, and active network service creation in real time. The Affirmed MCC is currently in production with Tier 1 operators around the world utilizing the vCloud NFV platform as the NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and the Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM).

One of VMware’s key strengths is that we are part of a larger federation that brings 30 years of experience to the delivery of cloud services. It’s great that our federation colleagues, EMC, are also founding sponsors of the event and you can visit us both on booths 42/43. 

I look forward to seeing those of you at the event; either on the booth or at my session “Delivering the Future of NFV Infrastructures Today” in Forum 3, 14:45 on May 6th. 

You can also hear Phil Kippen, Director, SP NFV Solutions & Field Engineering at VMware in the panel session, “Reliability in the NFV world – How can 100% service and application availability be achieved?” in Forum 1 on Wednesday, May 6 at 17:20.

NFV is live with a number of VMware customers. Come talk to VMware, EMC and our partners to find out how the rubber is hitting the road at NFV World Congress.

Nigel Stephenson

nfvinfo@vmware.com .


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