Telco Cloud

Telco Get Technical: Podcast Episode on Sustainability

Episode Guests:

  • Co-Host – Anupama Mahabhashyam – Senior Product Marketing Manager, VMware Service Provider and Edge
  • Co-Host – Steve Hoenisch – Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, VMware Service Provider and Edge
  • Colleen Josephson – Senior Research Scientist, Office of the CTO, VMware and Co-chair Green G Working Group, Chair Social and Economic Needs Working Group Next G Allliance, VMware representative in Green Software Foundation

Topics Addressed:

  • Why is sustainability a pressing issue for communications service providers?
  • What are the key pillars for zero carbon computing?
  • What is embodied carbon and why is it important?
  • How can communication service providers leverage more renewable resources?
  • What are some of the processes that are unnecessarily negatively impacting emissions and power?
  • What are some examples of barriers communications service providers will have to overcome to move to more sustainable operations?


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