Telco Cloud RAN

Simplifying Telco Cloud Deployments to Speed Up Modernization

The VMware Telco Cloud is helping shape the future of how communications service providers operate in a digitally advanced era while helping boost top-line growth and improve customer experiences. Our telco cloud solutions — anchored by a horizontal platform with cloud-native technology, cloud-smart automation, and service assurance — optimize the footprint and performance of modern telecommunications workloads, maximize utilization of network resources, and simplify operations.

Simplifying the Telco Cloud Portfolio

VMware by Broadcom is streamlining how our telco cloud solutions are being offered, making it easier for telcos to purchase and consume our products. This simplification aims to help you expand your telco cloud footprint and grow your business faster by aligning our new product packages with common telco cloud deployment scenarios. Our field-proven telco cloud features and capabilities continue to be advanced and enhanced with each new release. 

The VMware Approach To Network Modernization 

The VMware Telco Cloud modernizes your network. Purpose-built for demanding telco environments, our products let you select the telco solutions that meet your requirements from a diverse ecosystem of best-in-class telecommunications functions, services, and applications with the confidence that they seamlessly interoperate. 

VMware Telco Cloud Platform

VMware Telco Cloud Platform and VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN solidify numerous capabilities into a powerful platform that gives you the flexibility to modernize your telecommunications network as you see fit and to tap the automation and assurance capabilities you need as you make progress toward your modernization objectives. To streamline the process of adoption and modernization, VMware is simplifying how you implement and deploy the VMware Telco Cloud Platform products.

VMware Telco Cloud Platform for 4G and 5G Core Networks

  • VMware Telco Cloud Platform Essentials provides a quick, simple way for telcos to start modernizing their networks with foundational capabilities that can be rapidly implemented. 
  • VMware Telco Cloud Platform Advanced delivers advanced telco-grade features to enhance the platform’s capabilities with unified automation, orchestration, and multi-domain assurance.
  • VMware Bare Metal Automation is offered as an Add-On to the VMware Telco Cloud Platform Essentials and VMware Telco Cloud Platform Advanced packages. 

VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN

VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN provides the foundation for you to evolve from traditional RAN to vRAN and then onward to open RAN when you’re ready.

  • VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN Essentials furnishes a quick, simple way to start your RAN transformation. 
  • The VMware Centralized RAN Intelligence Controller with Service Management and Orchestration package supports the design, management, and optimization of RAN infrastructure, cloud resources, and VNFs and CNFs with service visibility and network monitoring.

By combining flexibility of virtualization with the agility of cloud-native technologies, the VMware Service Management and Orchestration solution automates and optimizes your distributed multi-vendor RAN. VMware Service Management and Orchestration deployed  with Telco Cloud Platform RAN Essentials lets you plan, deploy, and orchestrate your radio access network with end-to-end automation, service assurance, and analytics.

  • VMware Distributed RIC is an implementation of the near-real-time RAN Intelligent Controller that can host external RAN-focused applications referred to as xApps.
  • The VMware RIC Apps Add-On, which can be added on either to the package containing VMware Centralized RIC or to the VMware Distributed RIC package, allows you to host up to five rApps or xApps, respectively, on the RIC for which you obtained the Apps Add-On.

Making the Transformation Simpler 

To accelerate your network transformation, you must consider modernizing your existing siloed monolithic deployments to be future-ready—an operating model that leverages an agile and flexible horizontal platform. Ultimately, the aim of the transformation is to empower you to succeed and to continue that success by adopting the technologies of tomorrow without disruption.

Unparalleled Telco Cloud Solution

Anchored by horizontal infrastructure and fortified with cloud-smart automation, multi-vendor service assurance, and RAN programmability, the Telco Cloud solutions from VMware optimize the performance and simplify the operations of modern telco workloads. Our streamlined packaging ensures that you can swiftly embrace these transformative solutions to speed up deployments, accelerate innovation, and grow in new ways at scale.
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