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VMware is Shaping the Future of NFV at Mobile World Congress 2017

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VMware will have a significant presence at this year’s Mobile World Congress, including a range of Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) demonstrations and presentations at our booth in hall 3, stand K10.

If you are planning to go to MWC 2017, drop by the stand and see how VMware is shaping the future of NFV with a range of demonstrations that include service use cases, lifecycle management and operation using VMware and OpenStack virtual infrastructure management APIs, and the latest vCloud NFV product features. We’ll also be taking a look into the future with IoT use cases.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet our industry experts and discuss how VMware can help you transform to a software-driven service delivery platform for telecoms and IT services.

We will also have our NFV executive team on site for one on one meetings. You can request an executive meeting by emailing or click here.

To whet your appetite, I’ve detailed below some of the demonstrations that we will be showing in our NFV zone at the stand.

I hope to see your there!

VMware demonstrations at MWC 2017: Hall 3 Stand K10

Demo Area 1: vCloud NFV Product

VMware’s award winning vCloud NFV enables Telecom Providers to accelerate time to market, increase revenues, simplify operations and lower TCO. With over 80 NFV deployments now in production, VMware is helping more telecoms companies transition to software-defined businesses than any other virtualization vendor.

Learn about the latest lifecycle management capabilities of VMware’s industry leading and most-deployed virtualisation solution, applied to the delivery of telecommunication services.

Specific areas of functionality include:

Automation Operations Management and Visibility Carrier-Grade Platform
VNF On-boarding

Policy based service creation

Resource and Service automation


Integrated Operations Management

Network/Service Visibility and Insights

Capacity Optimization/Planning

High Availability

Dynamic Resource Scheduling


Demo Area 2: Wireline and Mobile Services

Telecoms providers can see how VMware vCloud NFV combines with solutions from a selection of VMware’s ecosystem of leading Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and Management and Orchestration (MANO) partners to deliver telecoms services.

Wireline Solutions Mobile Solutions
Learn how VMware and its partners can simplify and automate the deployment of vCPE solutions. Learn how VMware and its partners can simplify and automate the deployment of solutions including VoLTE (Voice over LTE).
This demonstration highlights the deployment, management and scale out of a full vCPE (virtual Customer Premise Equipment) solution, in addition to dynamically adding SBC and VPN valued-added  services. This demonstration highlights the deployment, management and scale out of a full VoLTE  solution for mobile Telecom Providers..
VMware partners included in this demonstration:

  • Metaswitch, Versa Networks, Velocloud and Brocade VNFs and services
  • Cloudify orchestration and management of the vCPE deployment.
VMware partners included in this demonstration:

  • Athonet vIMS core VNF
  • Cloudify orchestration and management of the VoLTE deployment.

Demo Area 3: Service Operations

Operations Intelligence

Operations Intelligence is a critical component leading to the successful deployment of NFV.  Telecom Providers can learn how VMware and its partners can deploy new services leveraging TOSCA (Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications) blueprints along with a full infrastructure management and healing.

This demonstration showcases a portal to be used to upload TOSCA blueprints and deploy new VNFs along with the integration of VMware vRealize Operations management for closed-loop mediation, and infrastructure management and healing.

This demonstration includes VMware partners Affirmed Networks and Cloudify.

VNF On-boarding

A recent study highlighted one of the biggest obstacles for deploying NFV is the on-boarding of multiple vendor VNFs.  VMware and its partners have developed capabilities leveraging TOSCA blueprints to show the ease of deploying VNFs with VMware vCloud NFV.

This demonstration showcases on-boarding of VNFs leveraging TOSCA blueprints and includes VMware partners Intel and Cloudify.

Demo Area 4: OpenStack Management and Orchestration of telecoms services over a VMware NFV Infrastructure

Telecoms providers are interested in leveraging OpenStack as a cloud management API for their NFV deployments.  However, there can be many practical challenges deploying OpenStack solutions today. VMware offers an OpenStack Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) that significantly simplifies the installation of OpenStack as well as the deployment of services.

Using VMware Integrated OpenStack as a fully compliant OpenStack distribution and an integrated Operations Management solution, enables telecoms providers to simplify operations, gain greater visibility into their network and achieve lower operational costs while leveraging the OpenStack API.

This demonstration showcases the full lifecycle management of installing OpenStack followed by the deployment and management of a Virtual IMS service and addition of traffic shaping. The demonstration is in four parts:

  • Installation of OpenStack (VMware Integrated OpenStack distribution)
  • Deployment of vIMS using Clearwater from Metaswitch
  • Policy based traffic Shaping with Fortinet
  • Upgrade of OpenStack VIM
  • Operational Management using VMware vRealize Operations management

Demo Area 5: Internet of Things

IoT is a key driver for telecoms providers to transform their networks to a virtualized architecture and within IoT the Connected Car is seen as a major service opportunity.

VMware, along with its partners, will demonstrate new services and applications that can be deployed using differentiated quality of service for varying applications and use cases to address new opportunities in verticals such as Connected Car.

  • This demonstration will comprise a number of service elements including the following:
  • Extend telephony communications to emerging devices, including Connected Car
  • On-demand service innovation – offering new services / content to be enabled within the connected car
  • Deliver highly available applications with prioritized service levels, i.e. Emergency Calling
  • Policy control and OSS/BSS Integration
  • Simplified Operations Management with VMware vRealize Operations management

Demo Area 6: VMware vCloud NFV Partner Ecosystem

VMware has the largest ecosystem of partners deployed in production NFV environments today and a full partner accreditation program – VMware Ready for NFV – to ensure telecom providers can be confident in deploying NFV solutions with rapid time to market and a long term view.

Learn more about the broad ecosystem of VMware NFV partners.

For more information on VMware NFV solutions:

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