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Join the Fast Path to RAN Optimization with the VMware RIC SDK Partner Program

The VMware RAN Intelligent Controller (VMware RIC) enables programmatic management and control of the underlying radio access network (RAN). The RIC allows third-party application developers to tap into network data, process it, and modify RAN behavior. While this capability was previously available as self-optimizing networks (SON), the Open RAN architecture gives the RIC instant data access, faster response times, and common, standards-based APIs.  

VMware is driving two RAN advancements with its RIC platform: VMware Centralized RIC is used to run non-real-time RAN applications, known as rApps, and VMware Distributed RIC can run near-real-time applications, known as xApps. A modern cloud-native software product that is engineered with a microservices architecture, VMware RIC is designed to run on Kubernetes platforms such as VMware Tanzu, hyperscaler CaaS services, and Kubernetes on bare metal.  

Today, we are announcing a software development kit (SDK) and a partnership program that aims to expand access to and simplify the development of RIC applications.  


Built with developer experience at the heart of its design, the VMware RIC SDKs contain tools and features that help developers accelerate the creation of xApps and rApps. There are two RIC SDKs: a Centralized RIC SDK and a Distributed RIC SDK. Both SDKs include the sample code and open APIs needed to jump-start and accelerate the development of apps.  

VMware RIC abstracts the underlying RAN and is designed to run on any cloud infrastructure, providing app developers with the confidence that developing their applications for VMware RIC will have broad industry appeal and interest.  

The RIC SDK Partner Program 

The VMware RIC SDK Partner Program is the starting point for developers looking to create xApps and rApps on VMware RIC.  The program provides the foundation for building a rich and vibrant app ecosystem. Developers will benefit from working with a recognized industry leader with a proven track record of partner development and collaboration. Concurrently, they will become part of an ecosystem that offers service providers the tools they need to innovate directly on their networks, along with a rapid path to service innovation.  xApps and rApps can address CSPs’ unique RAN requirements and priorities with use cases built to leverage the benefits of Open RAN. Service providers will gain peace of mind knowing that these apps were built to run on VMware RIC.  

VMware RIC SDK Partner Program Benefits 

The VMware RIC SDK Partner Program provides partners with access to the VMware Centralized RIC SDK, VMware Distributed RIC SDK, self-paced VMware RIC SDK training videos, and application developer support. 

The VMware Centralized RIC SDK The VMware Distributed RIC SDK 
APIs for the R1 interface (pre-standard), which enables access to various services offered by VMware Centralized RIC APIs in C and C++ header files as well as runtime libraries to help simplify communication between xApps and other RAN elements 
rapplib, which is a library of helper methods to facilitate interaction with the R1 interface Demonstration xApp that provides the developer with an example of an xApp using the APIs and runtime libraries 
Demonstration rApp that provides the developer with an example of an rApp using rapplib to interact with the R1 interface Build files for simplifying compiling and running the demonstration xApp for the developer 
Kubernetes Customer Resource Definition and sample rApp custom resource to help the developer build the customer resource for their rAppKubernetes Custom Resource Definition and sample xApp custom resource to help the developer build the customer resource for their xApp 

To learn more about the VMware RIC SDK Partner Program, please visit VMware RIC – VMware Program


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