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Delivering the Promise of Private 5G with VMware’s Enterprise-First Approach

Few emerging technologies look poised to make as big a splash as private mobile networks this year, but what does an effective solution look like, and how can enterprises take advantage? Let’s take a closer look. 

For enterprise IT organizations, Private Mobile Networks (PMN) represent a new approach to providing wireless connectivity that’s very different from Wi-Fi. Early indications suggest that most enterprises will prefer an as-a-service model, where a managed service provider (MSP) handles deployment and operation of the network.  By outsourcing radio frequency (RF) expertise, you can remove a significant barrier to adoption, allowing Enterprise IT to benefit from private networks without needing to become radio experts. 

Now, a growing ecosystem of communications service providers (CSPs), MSPs, cloud providers, and IT vendors is emerging to meet this need. If you’re with an IT organization evaluating private networks, you have options.  Sounds great, right?    

However, this raises the issue of how PMN will fit into your digital transformation strategy and what are the key factors to consider when integrating a new connectivity service into your growing portfolio of IT solutions? 

Addressing Factors Beyond Connectivity 

With over 300,000 organizations relying on VMware technology to drive digital transformation, we have a wealth of experience in guiding enterprise leaders through emerging technologies. Private mobile networks are being asked to connect new use cases that Wi-Fi technology simply can’t. But enterprise digital transformation is not just about connectivity, it’s also about three other key factors:  

  1. Reliable and Resilient WAN: wide area networks are critical for new edge-native apps developed with cloud-native paradigm, which require services across clouds. 
  1. Consistent Security Posture: IT needs unified security across all cloud points including edge, private, and public clouds. 
  1. Edge Compute for Modern Apps: Purpose-built infrastructure supporting virtualized and containerized, real-time and non-real-time apps simultaneously, driving business outcomes.  

It’s critical to consider these four areas when you evaluate private mobile networks and how they can evolve with your digital transformation strategy. 

Enterprise-First Approach 

VMware’s Private Mobile Network solution is optimized for enterprise IT, providing a simple, unified orchestration platform for 4G and 5G networks. First, we’ve integrated existing VMware compute, transport, and networking services into the platform to build on trust and reliability of those solutions already operating in enterprise networks today. Next, we’ve expanded those services to offer secure multi-tenancy access, edge network intelligence, and wireless expert management and control. These capabilities free up IT to focus on driving innovation for the business, instead of being bogged down by the complexities of a private mobile network. 

MSPs Deliver the Solution 

As the market for PMN solutions grows, enterprises have a range of MSP options to choose from. To ensure that you get the most out of your PMN solution, it’s important to look for partners with the following key attributes: 

  • Expertise in cellular networks: An ideal PMN partner should possess in-depth expertise in cellular technology and a track record of successfully implementing and managing cellular networks. 
  • Enterprise IT Experience: An effective PMN partner should understand enterprise network technology and how it interacts with the full portfolio of IT solutions. 
  • Simplified management: The biggest advantage of an as-a-service model is simplicity.  Your MSP should abstract the complexity of PMN yet enable IT visibility and control to effectively manage the solution. 


The rise of private mobile networks has the potential to revolutionize the way enterprise IT organizations provide wireless connectivity. With a growing number of options, it’s essential to consider key factors such as integration with existing IT solutions, reliability and security of access, and edge compute capabilities when evaluating PMN solutions as part of your digital transformation strategy.  

VMware’s Enterprise First Approach to PMN recognizes the challenges faced by IT organizations. It provides a simple, unified platform optimized for enterprise IT needs. With over 300,000 organizations relying on VMware technology to drive digital transformation, VMware is a trusted partner in navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies. Eventually, PMN may become as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi. But today, with the technology so new and expectations so high, it’s critical to choose partners you can trust.  

Combining long-standing cellular experience with deep enterprise know-how, expert PMN partners can help you tap the transformative potential of private networks—without the operational headaches. 

Learn more at the VMware Private Mobile Networks webpage. 


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