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VMware Unveils a Validated Design for Private 5G with ASOCS and Druid

Today’s enterprises are delivering intelligent and immersive experiences that require high bandwidth, ultra-low latency networks.  For example, manufacturers are using video to drive advanced predictive maintenance, pre-emptively identifying faults and the retail market is leveraging augmented reality to reinvent in-person shopping.   To deliver these experiences, they’re engaging in digital transformation and taking advantage of new technology like 5G to connect everyone and everything. 

But transformation brings complexity and today’s solutions for private mobile networks force compromise.  The process for selecting the right partners seems daunting with questions around spectrum, unclear roadmaps, and limitations around which hardware and software vendors you can work. The benefits of Private 5G are clear and yet we haven’t seen the enterprise take advantage of this new technology. 

VMware’s leadership in enterprise networks and experience in telco networks enables a private 5G solution that makes sense for the enterprise.  Our validated design process is tailored to enterprise IT organizations, simplifying management, and removing the many hurdles blocking adoption and innovation.  More than a platform, VMware delivers a trusted foundation for a secure, robust, and flexible private mobile network that runs alongside your other edge-native applications. 

VMware’s Edge Compute Stack hosts private mobile network functions and runs on common off-the-shelf hardware, delivering industry leading automation, orchestration, and computing. Enterprises can choose to accelerate their private mobile network journey and select design validated, RAN and Core partners to ensure functional interoperability and easy instantiation. 

Validated Design for Private 5G – ASOCS & Druid 

VMware Edge Compute Stack for Private 5G has confirmed two network component partners to simplify your path to private connectivity.  ASOCS CYRUS® RAN and DRUID Raemis Core have completed validation testing on VMware Edge Compute Stack. The ASOCS RAN and Druid packet core components including networking and management are all deployed in a single server at the far edge. 

The use of VMware’s hypervisor disaggregates software and hardware, simplifying management and enhancing security through better isolation across workloads. With VMware virtual infrastructure, the private mobile network can also be extended to host additional edge applications, running your other edge-native applications alongside your private 5G solution on a single consistent platform. 

ASOCS 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) 

The CYRUS solution for private 5G networks can support a facility’s full range of IoT and IIoT devices while providing high-capacity bandwidth to process and transfer massive amounts of data from connected devices. Utilizing standard servers, CYRUS is managed like any other IT element. It enables industrial enterprises to easily implement private 5G networks with time sensitive networking (TSN), high network reliability, low latency, and high speed—making it ideal for innovative Industrial (IIoT), massive IoT and eMBB applications. 

The software is fully virtualized, so there is full separation between the general L1/L2/L3 software, and the required corresponding hardware (x86 server). CYRUS software can integrate with any third-party NGC via an N2&N3 interface. CYRUS software can also be managed by CYRUS Rainbow Manager—the management, automation, and coordination tool. 

One of the unique features of CYRUS software is its virtualized nature covering all layers from L1 to L3. This feature enables various functions including support for several topologies and split options, from a CU/DU split to an Ethernet-based DU/RU split. More importantly, this architecture allows for VM or container-based implementation making it native to run on cloud infrastructure either on premises or in the public cloud. CYRUS is compatible with any Radio Unit (RU) that complies with O-RAN’s 7.2 fronthaul interface including CYRUS radios that are a family of 5G, low-power, indoor Remote Radio Head units. The radio, whose specifications are highlighted in Figure 3 below, interfaces with the DU via a 10G Ethernet interface utilizing O-RAN’s 7.2 fronthaul interface. The radio is powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet). The CYRUS system, furthermore, can be connected to any ORU device (RU supporting ORAN 7.2 specifications) after an interoperability procedure. 

DRUID 5G Raemis Core 

Druid is a global leader of specialized core network software.  The cellular technology platform Raemis 5G unique features are designed to specifically support enterprise critical communications. Druid’s 5G cellular solutions are built on our Raemis technology platform, which is comprised of a 3GPP compliant 5G core, RestAPI and additional functionality. 

Raemis 5G supports distributed architectures which can be deployed in cloud native environments with central management of multiple edge sites. This enables your network to benefit from the Raemis MEC distributed edge core and redundancy capabilities. 

A Druid 5G Raemis Core includes a private network with private subscribers, private cell network, mobility Xn handover, unknown subscriber rejection, idle mode cell reselection, UE attachment/implicit detach/re-attach and VoNR calls/data service. Raemis supports slicing by enabling the easily grouping of UEs for prioritization and a guaranteed QoS (Quality of Service). Raemis 5G features are available in the same Raemis software product supporting 4G. No additional software (or hardware) installation is required. 

Remove Complication and Spark Innovation 

Whether you’re in manufacturing, utilities, retail, or healthcare, the VMware validated design for private 5G in collaboration with ASOCS and Druid is your trusted foundation for private connectivity.  Enabling the enterprise to deliver new immersive data-rich experiences while simplifying management and orchestration. More than a platform, VMware Edge Compute Stack for Private 5G hosts a secure, robust, and flexible private mobile network alongside your other edge-native applications. 

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