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Delve into the Demonstratable Power of the VMware Telco Cloud at MWC Barcelona 2023 

At MWC Barcelona 2023, we are focused on empowering you to modernize your network, transform your RAN, discover network programmability, explore opportunities at the edge, and improve sustainability. Our telco cloud demos bring to life such things as cloud-native technology, private 5G, open RAN, RAN intelligent controllers, RAN-optimizing xApps and rApps, and cloud networking and security. 

The demos show you how to build sustainable networks and reduce energy consumption, automate 5G deployments, orchestrate innovative applications, bring end-to-end assurance to services, and make a cup of coffee without anyone actually doing anything.  

Wait, what’s this about coffee? Our connected robotic barista will get you fired up to take a whirlwind tour of demos that illustrate how to visualize your 5G world, disaggregate and optimize your RAN, build multi-cloud telecom networks at scale, and tap emerging opportunities at the edge. The demos show you how to do all that securely at scale, with agility, across multiple clouds while freeing you up to run solutions from multiple vendors.  

In all, the VMware booth features more than 50 demonstrations, including an interactive demo portal that lets you swipe through the solutions that matter most to you. With so many demos, we are also offering the option of taking a custom demo tour; to request a tour, visit our MWC website: 

So, come by, grab a quick coffee from our smart coffee barista, check out our demos, and then let’s talk about the telecom challenges that are, for you, top of mind.  

Our exhibition and demos are located at Hall 3 Stand 3M11.  

Sustainability and Intelligent Edge 

In addition to our robotic barista with network connectivity, Rozum Café, our front-line demonstrations include:  

  • Sustainable Networks – Brought to you in partnership with Intel, this demo illustrates how VMware and Intel are working together to help you overcome the operational challenges of moving to more green operations. You’ll explore RAN energy savings, workload carbon efficiency, dynamic workload migration based on renewable energy sources, CPU power optimization, carbon and energy visibility and energy load balancing. Read more about VMware telco sustainability, here.
  • Mobile Intelligent Edge Enabled Public Safety Vehicle – Check out how VMware enables digital transformation for law enforcement with secure mobile connectivity and edge computing. This demo showcases a small, ruggedized edge device with integrated compute across a fleet of police vehicles. Secure, reliable, mobile connectivity maximizes efficiency of police procedures.  

Here is a list of the other demonstrations you can explore: 

Network Modernization 

Shortening the Tail of Latency for RAN Applications: Real-Time Enhancements and Guest Timer Advancement for VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN 

5G RAN applications require an underlying platform such as Photon OS with VMware ESXi that is optimized to run RAN workloads with ultra-low latency. You can take advantage of the ESXi hypervisor that is optimized for RAN workloads along with the Guest Timer Advancement feature to match the performance of bare metal.  

Streamlined Onboarding of Ericsson CNFs on VMware Telco Cloud Platform using VMware Telco Cloud Automation 

This demo illustrates how to onboard Ericsson CNFs to VMware Telco Cloud Platform by using the CaaS automation capability in VMware Telco Cloud Automation, which simplifies Kubernetes operations and centralizes management for cloud-native network functions. 

VMware helps Rogers Communications Simplify Cloud and Resource Provisioning 

Rogers uses VMware Telco Cloud Platform to power the Rogers Network Common Cloud, which unifies network and IT infrastructure to prepare for the transformation that 5G will bring and serve as the backbone of Canada’s digital economy. 

End-to-End Network Automation using the Workflow Hub in VMware Telco Cloud Automation 

The Workflow Hub feature of VMware Telco Cloud Automation builds and executes end-to-end workflows for VMware Telco Cloud Platform. The Workflow Hub automates such things as infrastructure, the container orchestrator, network functions, and network slices as a single-click operation for workflows. The server provisioning, multi-layer workflow automation, and lifecycle management are grounded in network visibility, monitoring, analytics, and assurance. 

Automated Power Management for Sustainability using VMware Telco Cloud Platform 

VMware Telco Cloud Platform combines virtualization with improved resource utilization and automated power management to reduce energy consumption while improving efficiency, reliability, and performance as well achieving cost savings. 

You can also find out more about network modernization by swiping through our interactive demo. Here’s a map of the topics you’ll find under network modernization in the interactive demo portal. 

RAN Transformation 

Fostering RAN sustainability by using a Service Management and Orchestration framework to manage an energy-saving rApp   

The Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) framework from VMware covers automation, orchestration, assurance, analytics, and optimization with a common data collection and management service. This demo illustrates how the SMO framework from VMware reduces energy usage by correlating data from O-Cloud resources and applications. The SMO framework and an energy savings rApp use automation to orchestrate power-saving features and mechanisms.  

Operate DUs Faster Using VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN 

Find out how to instantiate DUs in a swift and agile manner on VMware Telco Cloud Platform using VMware Telco Cloud Automation. 

Expediting RAN Deployments with End-to-End Automation 

Find out how you can power up RAN sites and generate revenue in minutes by using end-to-end automation for the RAN, from bare metal provisioning to network functions and services.  

Mavenir and VMware: Demonstrating Commercial Open RAN Success 

See how Mavenir and VMware have partnered to deliver a RAN deployment design that can get your cell site up and running in production in a matter of minutes. 

Network Programmability with a RAN Intelligent Controller 

Dynamic RAN Slice Resources Allocation for SLA Assurance 

VMware and Intel demonstrate how to activate RAN programmability to monitor and dynamically control resources available in RAN slices to guarantee customer SLAs. 

VMware Distributed RIC KPM and RAN Control Services Integration 

This demo showcases how VMware Distributed RIC has integrated Intel FlexRAN KPM and RAN Control libraries in the RIC code and how simple it is for an xApp partner to use these libraries to monitor, control, and optimize RAN performance. 

Power Down: Decrease Energy Usage with the Energy Savings rApp from VMware 

Learn how the VMware Energy Savings rApp, powered by VMware RIC, minimizes power consumption by detecting cell traffic usage and powering down unused capacity cells without affecting overall network performance. 

Cloud Networking and Security 

Are you working on delivering telco-grade cloud networking and security? This set of demos showcases powerful cloud networking and security capabilities for 5G. For more information on cloud network and security, see

Network acceleration for 5G data plane intensive workloads with VMware Telco Cloud Platform powered by DPU 

This demo showcases how VMware NSX enables VMware Telco Cloud Platform to deliver telco-grade networking and security. With newly supported DPU-based acceleration, VMware NSX offloads the high-performance networking and security services enabled by NSX from the VMware hypervisor to DPUs, achieving near-zero CPU utilization. DPU-based acceleration for NSX lets you focus on operating your critical assets by freeing up CPU resources for network functions while reducing energy consumption. 

Telco cloud traffic management for VNFs and CNFs with VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer 

As a telco operator, you need a platform-agnostic solution to publish VNFs and CNFs in a scalable and secure way. VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer automatically exposes VNFs and CNFs by supplying an application-services fabric with consistent automation. This demo showcases a single load balancing fabric with various VNFs and CNFs along with auto scale, security features, and rich analytics. 

5G CNF container networking with Antrea 

Ever wanted to see container networking in action on the VMware telco cloud? In this demo, you’ll see how Antrea clusters scale up with lower convergence time and lower resource utilization. By letting you create combined network policies that span virtual machines and containers, VMware NSX gives you a centralized pane of glass for visualizing and troubleshooting multi-cloud Kubernetes clusters.  

Multi-tenancy with NSX EVPN and IPv6 

EVPN support in VMware NSX helps power 5G network slicing. In this demo, you’ll find out how to easily create a set of logical networks on top of a shared infrastructure. Combined with VMware Telco Cloud Automation, NSX Edge VRF multi-tenancy and EVPN and IPv6 support for each logical network can serve a defined business purpose with all the required network resources configured and connected end-to-end. 

SD-WAN, Edge, and Private Mobile Networks 

You can also explore opportunities from the proliferating edge: The growth at the edge is uncovering a multitude of opportunities for CSPs.  

One of those opportunities is private mobile networks, and you can watch a demo to see how VMware Private Mobile Network, an enterprise-first end-to-end managed private mobile service, enables MSPs to apply their wireless expertise to help enterprises accelerate their edge digital transformation. 

But the demos don’t stop there. From infrastructure and apps to user experience, you’ll be able to explore the unique value CSPs can create at the edge through these demonstrations:  

  • Deliver remote Access-as-a-Service 
  • Extend 5G to the edge 
  • Deliver reliable, secure, and efficient connectivity for a distributed enterprise 
  • Increase productivity and enrich user experience with an SD-WAN solution and edge network intelligence 
  • Simplify and automate an on-ramp to connect users to multi-cloud applications 
  • Protect users and infrastructure when accessing web applications 

Modern Applications for Edge 

Check out the role of modern applications at the edge. Cloud-native experts from VMware explain how to run modern apps at the edge with remote management. In the following demos, you’ll see how to scale deployment and management of apps across many, diverse, distributed edge environments: 

  • Running AI Apps at the Edge 
  • Running Industry 4.0 Apps at the Edge 
  • Manage Edge Remotely 
  • Scale Edge Efficiently 

Watch rApps and xApps Take Flight in the RAN Innovation Center  

Developers from seven partners of VMware will join an invite-only event at MWC Barcelona 2023 to pitch RAN xApps and rApps developed on VMware RAN Intelligent Controller to a panel of expert judges drawn from the telecom industry. Brought to you by VMware and Intel, the event — aptly called a rAppathon — this pitches and judges take place live on Tuesday but this event is at full capacity.

You can also see these transformative applications in the RAN Innovation Center inside the VMware booth throughout MWC.  

The rAppathon participants will be showcasing video demonstrations of the following RAN applications on VMware RIC during the four-day conference:  

  • Aira Technologies: High Fidelity MIMO Channel Estimation and Prediction using Machine Learning (xApp).  
  • AirHop Communications: Energy Savings via Dynamic Multi-Carrier Management (rApp).  
  • Aspire Technology: RAN Governance using AI-Powered Anomaly Detection (rApp).  
  • HCLSoftware: Energy Saving Application with VMware Centralized RIC using O-RAN R1-based REST APIs (rApp). 
  • Net AI: xUPscaler, an AI-Driven Traffic Forecasting and Resource Autoscaling Application (xApp).  
  • Rimedo Labs: A Traffic Steering Application to enable Intelligent and Flexible user-to-cell association (xApp).  
  • VIAVI Solutions: A geolocation xApp to unlock location intelligence and enable development of location-enriched applications in O-RAN.  

For more information, read RAN Innovation in Action at our rAppathon at MWC Barcelona.  

Discover Your Own Path to a VMware Solution with our Interactive Demo Portal 

But after it’s all said and done, you might want to swipe through the VMware solutions on your own, focusing on what’s important to you in the moment. Our interactive telco demo lets you examine various platforms and innovations to get the rundown on the technology and solutions that matter most to you. Here’s a map of the high-level topics in the interactive demo:  

Come by our booth — Hall 3, Stand 3M11 — check the demos and ask us your questions. We’re there to talk with you about solving your most pressing challenges so you can capture the 5G-to-Edge opportunity.   


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