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Be Inspired in Barcelona: VMware Brings Cloud-Native to MWC

For those of you who have long been in the communications industry, you’ll understand what I mean when I say Mobile World Congress means many things to many people. For some, MWC is about meeting efficiencies, after all, you can connect with a huge number of partners, vendors and customers all within one week. Others attend to get a sense of what’s new and get a glimpse of the innovations that are peeking over the horizon. There are some who attend to network with the industry’s movers and shakers at events and gatherings. For me, while I appreciate and agree with all of those assessments, this year I think the show means even more.

I am simply giddy with excitement to meet with our customers face-to-face.

After a few years away from the show, we have so much to share – from incredible platform advancements, and successful service innovation deployments, to impactful new partner capabilities. We hope you’re join us in Barcelona to dive into multi-cloud innovation from core to RAN to edge to device.

Meet us in hall 3, stand 3M11.

Visit our MWC 2022 website.

In the VMware booth, you will have the opportunity to walk down the 5G Boulevard to explore one of the world’s first cloud-native 5G networks – Dish’s Network of Networks will be on display demonstrating some unique 5G experiences. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore VMware’s vision and strategies for modernizing the network and accelerating the monetization of services across a range of priorities:

  • Modernize your network and evolve to cloud-native operations
  • Disaggregate your RAN to enable multi-vendor innovation
  • Automate a programmable network to empower real-time decisioning
  • Monetize enterprise edge deployments with improved customer experiences
  • Build a sustainable and equitable digital future for all – 6G and beyond

With cloud in our DNA and virtualization expertise, VMware platforms are shaping 5G networks and enabling next generation services. The platform demonstrations in the booth will show you how VMware can help you reach your transformation goals.

For your network, you’ll see multi-cloud environments, automated from end-to-end, modern RAN networks that enable open approaches with the support of RAN Intelligent Controllers, and unified approaches to service assurance that bring intelligence to your network operations. To support your IT transformations, you will discover how to build and deploy modern applications, and enable users to access applications from anywhere, securely. You will also have the opportunity explore successful use cases, from the core to the edge.

  • Sustainable Broadband in Rural Areas
  • 5G Device Location and Network Slicing
  • Automated Hospital Medication Management
  • Freight Tracking Across Oceans
  • AR/VR Customer Experiences
  • Unified Assurance/ Operations

Watch VMware take the stage in Barcelona.

This industry has started to move at the speed of software. Fortunately, VMware has an incredible team of telecom-seasoned technology scientists working on creating what’s next for communications. Please join our sessions so you can understand how multi-cloud will shape the future of our industry – from 5G to 6G and beyond.

“OpenRAN: A Vision of 5G & The Future of 6G”

Rob Soni, Head of RAN Architecture
Monday, 28th February, 13:15 – 14:15 CET MWC Stage A, Hall 5

Dive into what you will discover at MWC with VMware.

When you work for a company like VMware that brings the agility, scalability and economics of the cloud to the datacenter, core, RAN and edge, there is a lot to share with customers at MWC. Take a look below to understand all the focus areas we’ll be ready to discuss with you at the show.

In the Datacenter

  • Tanzu Service Mesh provides advanced, end-to-end connectivity, security, and insights for modern applications – across application end-users, microservices, APIs, and data.​ The platform enables the development of modern applications for 5G Networks.
  • NSX Distributed Firewall provides context-aware microsegmentation and network security policy enforcement to reduce 5G specific threats. Full inspection of East West traffic prevents lateral movement of threats so service providers can address security risks.
  • VMware Blockchain is your proven blockchain platform for multi-party applications, by being the digital foundation that helps you to run business critical, multi-party applications.

In the Core and RAN Network

  • VMware Telco Cloud Platform is tailored for CSPs to embrace cloud-native technology. Powered by VMware’s field-proven solutions, the platform is a telco-hardened horizontal cloud stack which empowers CSPs to gain competitive advantages and win market share by deploying innovative applications and services fast on a consistent platform across the datacenter, core, RAN and public clouds. The platform supports CNFs and VNFs across their 5G networks, from core to edge.
  • RAN Intelligent Controllers (cRIC and dRIC) are responsible for the control and management functions of the disaggregated open RAN as defined by the O-RAN Alliance which decouples the control and management functions of the RAN infrastructure from its data plane functions. Building on its rich history of providing highly trusted vendor neutral platforms, the VMware RIC abstracts the underlying RAN infrastructure and enables programmability of the RAN through the xApps and rAppsfrom application ecosystem partners.
  • Telco Cloud Operations simplifies the monitoring and management of your complex network with integrated performance analytics and automated fault analysis. The platform allows service providers to proactively avoid problems, increase agility and meet your business objectives. 

On the Edge

  • VMware SASE™ solutions are an integral component of the 5G world. You’ll see three demos that showcase the low-latency, ultra-fast connectivity of SASE + 5G: A mobile health clinic, an immersive healthcare experience in the VR zone, and a 5G platform for retail with an augmented-reality mirror. We will show you how VMware SD-WAN™ Edge devices with 5G connectivity are simple to deploy with zero-touch provisioning. VMware’s unique Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ ensures continuous connections over multiple cellular links even in outages or partial outages. VMware Cloud Web Security™ makes it easy to configure security policies and secure web traffic. With VMware Secure Access™, users can access applications from anywhere, securely. VMware Edge Network Intelligence™ manages client experience and roots out anomalies with AIOps in wireless and wired networks.
  • Anywhere Workspace represents a holistic change in the way IT delivers end-user services, ushering a new way to provide enhanced user experiences and performance that is consistent across today’s distributed workforce. Leveraging industry leading, cloud-connected points of control across device, networking, and security management, the Anywhere Workspace increases employee engagement, delivers broader, more effective security, and reduces costs and operational overhead.
  • Multi-Cloud Services Grid is a multi-cloud framework that enables intent driven service creation and consumption with continuous optimization of underlying resources. The Grid leverages a Kubernetes based control plane to stitch distributed modern applications with resources that may span across the central cloud, the near edge (e.g. metro data centers) and the far edge (e.g. micro data centers), and in turn may be owned and operated by their respective public and private cloud platforms.

Discover the Value of a Robust Partner Ecosystem

VMware believes the future of communications is multi-cloud and multi-vendor. No single vendor can, or should, enable an entire network. That’s why when we go to Barcelona, we bring our partners with us. We work with the entire ecosystem – from hardware, to software and integration – with open arms. We welcome the changes that digitization and open approaches bring to our industry. Together with our ecosystem, we can accelerate the digital transformation for service providers and get you to new revenue and improved customer experiences, faster.

Be sure to stop by to see the breadth of use cases enabled by our robust ecosystem.

Meet with Experts and Executives

You may not know, but VMware helped Telia to cloudify their core network across 24 sites in 6 countries. Both TIM Group and Vodafone are using VMware for their Open RAN and RIC infrastructure initiatives. In fact, Vodafone became the first CSP in Europe to launch a live 5G SA network, using VMware solutions to automate and orchestrate new 5G applications across multiple countries. T-Systems, Sky Italia, Bharti Airtel, and many others are securing their networks using VMware network security solutions. And VMware is a critical partner to DISH Wireless as they embark on deploying one of the world’s only cloud-native 5G networks. The VMware executives and subject matter experts will be at the show ready to discuss these projects, and many others with you.

Whether you’re looking to bring the agility of cloud to your core, unify operations with your data center, or enable monetization of your RAN and edge, we’ll have the experts onsite to help progress your transformation discussions.  And because VMware customer’s value our experience and expertise, the professional services team will be available to discuss your unique transition to more software-centric approaches.

Reach out to your sales representative or visit the website to schedule a meeting today and plan to stop by stand 3M11 in hall 3 to explore our demonstrations.

I can’t wait to see you at the show!


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