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What to Expect at MWC in Barcelona

We’re less than a month away from MWC, which means much of the telecommunications industry is knee deep in planning their meetings and engagements at MWC. To allow our customers and partners to better understand how VMware helps you capture the 5G to edge opportunity, we’ve pulled out all the stops for Barcelona.

As the leader in virtualization and cloud modernization, we wanted to make sure MWC provided an opportunity for you to explore possibilities that come from cloud native operations. From the modernization in the data center and core to the transformation in the RAN and edge, VMware is bringing the cloud-smart solutions that can help you thrive in a digital era.

Visit us from February 27th to March 2nd in Hall 3, Stand 3M11, to explore:

  • Improving the efficiency of CSP networks – We’ll walk you through how processing advancements have increased network density and reduced energy consumption. By improving efficiencies in the tech stack, you’ll see how VMware can help you drive down costs and increase service agility.
  • ​Making your network smarter – You can review platforms that enable innovation in the RAN while creating the programmable environments CSPs will need to deliver highly demanding next generation services. These service level improvements come from the increased availability inherent to cloud-smart, automated environments with real-time detection, resolution and service recovery​.
  • ​Transforming the RAN – Explore how bringing software defined operations to the RAN is key to success in the digital marketplace. Whether considering virtualization or open approaches to the RAN transformation, we’ll be ready to meet you where you are today and help guide you through the options for tomorrow.
  • Opportunities from the proliferating edge – The growth at the edge is enabling a multitude of opportunities for CSPs. From the infrastructure and apps to the user experience, you’ll be able to explore the unique value CSPs can create at the edge.
  • The role of modern applications at the edge – Meet the cloud-native experts to understand how to run modern apps at the edge with remote management. You’ll see how to scale deployment and management of apps across many, diverse, distributed edge environments.

Introducing the rAppathon and RAN Innovation Center

Open RAN is set to deliver a new level of programmability to the RAN making it more intelligent and offer opportunities to further monetize and optimize networks.  VMware RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) is a key enabler of the innovation and with support of a vibrant RAN ecosystem, we are bringing this innovation to MWC.

The VMware + Intel rAppathon is a competition of leading xApp and rApp innovators who will bring their cutting-edge applications to be judged by industry leading customers and analysts.

VMware and Intel welcome you to join us at the rAppathon competition and reception in the VMware booth on Tuesday February 28th from 16:00-17:30. Together, we’ll watch these competitors go head-to-head to win the competition and then we’ll celebrate the progress the industry is making to enable next generation RAN networks. Space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served bases so be sure to arrive early.

If you can’t make the competition, we welcome you to visit the RAN Innovation Center in the VMware demo pavilion where the contestants will be demonstrating their innovations throughout the show.  

Don’t Miss Sessions

As I’m sure you know, the Open Grid Alliance has made some amazing progress since the launch last year. We will be hosting a panel of CTOs from OGA member companies on Tuesday 12-1. We welcome you to join the session – space is available first-come, first-served.

Monday the 27th 16:15 – 17:00, Stage A, Hall 6.0 the GSMA is holding “Open RAN- The Debate”. VMware service provider and edge CTO, Mariam Sorond, will join panelist from Deutsche Telekom, Rakuten, Red Hat, O-RAN, Mavenir and SONIC Labs to dive into the realities of Open RAN.

5G and Edge Opportunities to Explore in Hall 3, Stand 3M11

With over 50 demonstrations available in the VMware booth, we understand you may have more things to see then time to offer. That’s why we created custom demo tours to accelerate your experience. To request a tour, visit our MWC website.

  • Robotic Barista – Grab a quick coffee from our smart coffee barista! Rozum Café is a fully automated, high performance coffee station. Network connectivity enables real-time data and insight into customers’ coffee preferences, dynamic inventory control, and point of sale systems
  • Sustainable Networks – Brought to you in partnership with Intel you’ll be able to explore how VMware and Intel are working together to help you overcome the operational challenges of moving to more green operations. You’ll explore RAN energy savings, workload carbon efficiency​, dynamic workload migration​ based on renewable energy sources, CPU power optimization​, carbon and energy visibility and energy load balancing.
  • Mobile Intelligent Edge Enabled Public Safety Vehicle – Check out how VMware enables digital transformation for law enforcement with secure mobile connectivity and edge computing. Showcasing a small, ruggedized edge device with integrated compute across a fleet of police vehicles. Delivering secure, reliable, mobile connectivity to maximize efficiency and security of police procedures. 

​Other demonstrations you can explore:

Network Modernization

  • Faster DU instantiation at multiple sites using Telco Cloud Automation
  • Streamlined onboarding of Ericsson CNFs on VMware Telco Cloud Platform using VMware Telco Cloud Automation
  • See how Rogers Communications simplified cloud and resource provisioning
  • Guaranteeing end-to-end network automation using pipeline builder with VMware Telco Cloud Automation

RAN Transformation

  • Scale and secure modern cloud-native deployments with advanced load balancing
  • Zero-touch infrastructure provisioning
  • 5G mobile service assurance
  • End-to-end automation with Telco Cloud Platform RAN
  • Service management and orchestration

Network Programmability – RAN Intelligent Controller

  • Dynamic RAN slice resources allocation for SLA assurance
  • VMware Distributed RIC KPM and RAN control services integration
  • Extend cell ranges with PI Works and VMware
  • Telco cloud traffic management for VNF/CNF with NSX ALB at scale
  • Network acceleration for 5G Data Plane Intensive workloads with VMware Telco Cloud Platform powered by DPU
  • Bringing AI-aaS and modern workloads to the multi-tenant provider’s edge

SD-WAN & Edge

  • VMware Private Mobile Network
  • Deliver remote Access-as-a-Service
  • Extend 5G to the edge
  • Deliver reliable, secure and efficient connectivity for a distributed enterprise
  • Increase productivity and enrich user experience with SD-WAN solution and edge network intelligence
  • Simplify and automate on-ramp to connect users to multi-cloud application
  • Protect users and infrastructure when accessing web applications

Cloud Networking and Security

  • Network acceleration for 5G data plane intensive workloads with VMware Telco Cloud Platform powered by DPU
  • Telco cloud traffic management for VNF/CNF with VMware NSX ALB at scale
  • 5G CNF container networking with Antrea
  • Multi-tenancy with NSX EVPN and IPv6
  • Northstar SaaS delivered multi-cloud networking and security for telco multi-cloud apps

Modern Applications for Edge

  • Running AI Apps at the Edge
  • Running Industry 4.0 Apps at the Edge
  • Manage Edge Remotely
  • Scale Edge Efficiently

VMware Telco Labs Workshops

Network transformation is tricky and often leads to a list of technical, how-to questions about platform capabilities and integrations. That’s why we are bringing an abbreviated version of our Telco Labs Workshops to MWC. These expert-level sessions will allow you get your hands on real use cases in a live environment while accompanied by our team of experts. You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Walk through a CNF deployment on VMware Telco Cloud Platform leveraging VMware Telco Cloud Automation
  • Explore how VMware platforms enable options for CSPs through our new bare metal automation capabilities
  • Bring your unique technical challenge to our team of experts to work on live solutions

We’ll be conducting the labs daily between 9-11am in booth Hall 3 M11.

To request inclusion in a workshop, please visit the registration site.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona!


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