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Monetize MEC Solution for CSP’s and Enterprise’s edge applications by Ori and VMware

We are excited to announce our partnership with Ori today.  Together we enable Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to offer Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) capabilities for enterprise edge applications, monetize their 5G investment while reducing their backhaul costs through intelligent workload placement. 

We had an opportunity to talk with Douglas Mancini, Chief Commerical Officer at Ori Industries, about our partnership and the work that we have done, and why this is an important monetization opportunity for our CSP customers. I welcome you to sit back and enjoy this 4-min video below.   

To learn more, please check out our solution overview on MEC solution by Ori and VMware.

Ori Global Edge running on VMware Telco Cloud Platform provides a consistent methodology that simplifies the deployment and delivery of low-latency applications and services from these multiple networks and regional (Metro) PoPs to thousands of distributed providers’ edge sites and on-premises locations. This global edge architecture seamlessly connects edge networks between different regions and providers, enabling CSPs to deliver their enterprise customers a unique solution that combines the deployment flexibility and manageability of cloud with the performance and security of edge and on-prem.

By leverage Ori’s Global Edge running on VMware Telco Cloud PlatformTM , the solution enables CSPs to monetize their network with fast time to market and efficiently deploy for different enterprise edge use cases and applications in multi-cloud environments.

  • Fast to deploy and monetize edge IaaS or PaaS by leveraging existing infrastructure
  • Multi-carrier federated edge cloud application platform
  • Edge computing delivered from the provider edge or on-premises
  • Low-latency, real-time applications with cloud-based manageability
  • Open application developer ecosystem
  • Intelligent workload/application placement that is contextually aware of location, geospatial, security, identity, and traffic
  • Centralized management and operations
  • Data residency and sovereignty to satisfy regulatory and
    security requirements

Don’t forget to register for our world event from October 5-7. 2021.

vmworld 2021 - Imagine That

VMware, Ori, BT and KX will be presenting the breakout session on “How Edge Cloud Lets Telcos Reinvent Their Role in Creating a New Internet” [EDG2181]

To learn more about our VMware Telco Cloud Platform, please visit our website at telco.vmware.com


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