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Modernize CDN at the Edge with Superior QoE – Broadpeak CNFs running on VMware Telco Cloud Platform

We are excited to announce our partnership with Broadpeak today.  Together we enable Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to deliver superior quality of experience (QoE) with a scalable, containerized Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution.  We had an opportunity to talk with Xavier Leclercq, VP of Business Development at Broadpeak, about our partnership and the work that we have done, and why this is important to our CSP customers.

I welcome you to sit back and enjoy this 3-minute video below.   

To learn more, please check out our solution overview on Scalable CDN by Broadpeak and VMware.

By leveraging Broadpeak Advanced CDN technology running on VMware Telco Cloud PlatformTM with VMware TanzuTM Standard for Telco, the solution enables CSPs to transform their video delivery.

  • Deliver both on-demand and live TV with the highest possible quality of experience in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Automate the deployment and life cycle of CDN caches to meet the fluctuating demand and compute/storage resource availability in a network.
  • Maximize resource utilization while maintaining the best possible quality of experience.

While this solution benefits all CSP networks, it is also advantageous for mobile networks as their subscribers roam while consuming video content and the consumption of video on mobile devices continues to further increase with the adoption of 5G. This is where the flexibility of the containerized Broadpeak CDN running on VMware can provide an efficient video distribution infrastructure all the way through the mobile edge. CDNs can be deployed side by side with other network functions like the user plane function for IP connectivity on the VMware Telco Cloud Platform.

To find about more about the work that Broadpeak and VMware have done together, you can check out Broadpeak’s recent blog post on “Making the Broadpeak virtual CDN a reality with VMware”.

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vmworld 2021 - Imagine That

VMware, Broadpeak and Intel will be presenting an on-demand session on [EDG2081] A Case for Deploying an Elastic CDN Solution on VMware Telco Cloud Platform”

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