Meet VMware NFV Experts at Light Reading’s “OSS in the Era of SDN and NFV” Event.

On November 3rd in London VMware colleagues and myself will be joining industry leaders at this Light Reading event. We will be discussing the impact of virtualization on higher-order Operational Support Systems (OSS), and considering whether this is ‘evolution or revolution’.

Across the globe many operators already rely on VMware infrastructure for their OSS (and internal IT) services. Whether through the deployment of OSS applications on a VMware vSphere environment, or through embedded VMware technology in third party OSS products from leading network equipment providers (NEPs).

NFV and SDN are all about creating a software-defined virtualized service delivery platform. OSS systems largely run on virtualised environments today. So on the face of it, bringing together a virtualized OSS environments and a virtualized service delivery platform should be straight forward – shouldn’t it?

The answer is ‘maybe’. A lot depends on how you expose that virtualized delivery platform to the higher order management layers (referred to as ‘MANO’ by ETSI) and subsequently to OSS/BSS systems.


Hear from VMware NFV Experts

VMware will talk about how the way in which you deploy the virtualized platform has a significant influence on how efficient and effective the higher-order management appications can be. By deploying a common, open and ‘horizontal’ platform of virtualized compute, network and storage, VMware’s carrier-grade vCloud NFV provides operators the maximum choice; not only of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) that deliver the services, but of the management and operations solutions that run those services.

With over 70 NFV deployments in flight, we will also be talking about how operators running vCloud NFV today are adapting their operational teams. How processes, roles and responsibilities are changing to embrace a cross cloud era and increase their service agility; delivering efficient operations at scale.

Join us in London on November 3 to learn more.

For more information on VMware NFV solutions:

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