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Introducing VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.0

VMware recently announced VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.0. VMware Integrated OpenStack delivers out-of-the-box OpenStack functionality and an easy configuration workflow.We are truly excited about our latest OpenStack distribution as this release enables customers to take advantage of advancements in the upstream Train release and is fully compatible with VMware vSphere 7.0 and NSX-T Data Center 3.0.

For our Telco customers, VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.0 offers a 5G ready platform that meets the demands for their 5G core and other workloads. VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.0 is built with VMware Tazu Kubernetes Grid underpinning as it’s control plane, providing resilience in addition to availability. Upgrading directly from VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.1 or VMware Integrated OpenStack 6.0 to VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.0 is seamless with zero data plane downtime.  We are super excited to bring these features in VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.0!

VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.0 Feature Details:

Feature Enhancements:

OpenStack Release:

  • Alignment with upstream OpenStack Train release

Seamless Integration with VMware SDDC:

  • Interop with the latest vSphere 7.0, vSAN and NSX-T 3.0
  • vRealize Operations Management Pack
  • vRealize Log Insight


  • Selective vCPU Pinning: Previously, VM’s set to high latency sensitivity required full CPU reservation and all vCPU’s were pinned to physical cores. In VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.0, you can specify which vCPU’s need to be pinned to physical cores. This feature supports mixing high performing applications and non-critical applications while providing better CPU resource utilization and improves consolidation ratios and virtualization ROI for Telco NFV workloads.


  • Support NSX-T 3.0 Policy API for L3: enhances the intent-based API and policy UI to retrieve runtime information on the gateways. 
  • Network Trunk services: The trunk service plugin is enabled by default with Neutron NSX-T Policy Plugin and enables VNFs to connect to many networks at once through a single vNIC, and dynamically connect or disconnect from networks. It provides containers with network isolation inside Nova instances and allows:
  • Multiple networks to be connected to an instance using a single virtual NIC
  • Multiple networks can be presented to an instance by connecting it to a single port
  • IPv6 Support:
    • Full IPv6 data plane support
    • FWaaS: Leverages Tier-1 Edge Firewall and Fully compatible with Neutron FWaaS API spec and supports FWaaS v2 API in VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.0
    • LBaaS:. Since the Queens OpenStack release cycle neutron-lbaas and neutron-lbaas-dashboard were deprecated. To align with the OpenStack community in VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.0 LBaaS service has been migrated from Neutron LBaaS to Octavia while preserving the LBaaS v2 API.
  • SRIOV Network Redundancy Support: Provides High Availability for VM connectivity through SRIOV networks by ensuring virtual functions are scheduled to separate physical functions


  • EVPN and L3 Multicast: Configured through NSX-T (transparent to VIO)
  • vRF Lite Support: Support for vRF Lite in NSX-T 3.0 provides multiple tenant data plane isolation through Virtual Routing Forwarding (VRF) in Tier-0 gateway with separate routing table, NAT, and firewall within each VRF eliminating the need for Tier0 deployments for multiple tenants.

VMware Integrated OpenStack Management Cluster update:

Management API: VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.0 introduces Public API to automate VMware Integrated OpenStack management through API. Fully open Kubernetes based lifecycle management APIs with CRD extension and provides public API for managing day-1 deployment and day-2 management of VMware Integrated OpenStack services.


  • ​All OpenStack components run on Python 3

VMware Integrated OpenStack Control Plane Update: The dedicated Kubernetes cluster underpinning the VMware Integrated OpenStack control plane has been upgraded to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (Kubernetes 1.17.2).

Platform Lifecycle Automation:

  • Skip-release upgrades:
    • Support upgrade from 6.0 to 7.0
    • Support upgrade from 5.1 to 7.0 directly
  • Patch management:
    • Patches are delivered as container images rolled out via Kubernetes
    • viocli command set for patch management

VMware Integrated OpenStack LCM UI Enhancement:

  • Admins can see each service’s desired v.s. observed state
  • Easier to create Neutron availability zones directly from UI

VMware Integrated OpenStack CLI updates:  Enhanced CLI includes:

  • Ability to start/stop for each single services and automatically propagates changes using a single command on Custom Resource(CR)
  • More secure backups
  • Bash completion and CLI shortcuts added to LCM

VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.0 Max Configuration Data: VMware configuration maximums are published to



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