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Industry’s first Open VNF Onboarding Hackathon a great success!

MWC 2017 was the venue chosen by VMware, Intel and Cloudify to kick off a co-innovation project to address one of the biggest challenges to the rapid deployment of NFV-based services: VNF onboarding.

On March 1st, the three sponsors gathered at VMware’s on-booth theatre to present the project and its goals to a large audience of customers and vendors. Vendor teams then moved to the upper level of the booth to break out the laptops and start the hackathon itself.

Primary goals of the hackathon were to raise industry awareness and initiate an industry review of a proposed TOSCA-based VNF Data Models agreement.

Almost 30 VNF-partner participants were introduced to easy-to-use tools to for the creation of TOSCA blueprints in an interactive session. The session provoked many excellent questions, discussions, collaborations and suggestions to improve the tools.

The participant VNF blueprints created will help form the basis of a new web-based archive of downloadable TOSCA VNF blueprints that will radically simplify the VNF on boarding process. In doing so, the co-sponsors aim to generate efficiencies for VNF and MANO vendors and accelerate deployment of NFV-based services for telecom customers.

For more background on the Hackathon, see my earlier blog.

To learn about the event itself, from the co-sponsors, watch the video on Telecom TV.



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