Driving NFV into production and beyond: The NFV Executive Forum at VMworld 2016

Summary: This exclusive, invitation-only executive learning experience will be hosted in association with VMware’s VMworld activities in Las Vegas.

Having received great feedback from the NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) Executive Forum held at last year’s VMworld 2015 Europe, I’m delighted to announce that we will be holding a follow up event at VMworld 2016 US in Las Vegas on August 31st.

The NFV Executive Forum facilitates networking and discussion amongst executives and experts from leading communication service providers and VMware’s successful NFV vendor ecosystem.

NFV Exec Forum-VMworld 2016

This interactive event will focus on the business implications of NFV technology choices. With a focus on mobile core and virtual managed enterprise services, topics will include:

  • Return on investment from a virtualized service delivery model
  • Service opportunities beyond just doing the same thing, but differently
  • Technical and operational strategies for moving into production
  • Implications and opportunities of virtualized infrastructures on achieving carrier-grade
  • What open really means in terms of maximizing choice and minimizing vendor lock-in

If you are an executive at a communications service provider and would like to receive an invitation or more details of this event, please email NFVinfo@vmware.com for more details.

Invitations are limited and at VMware’s discretion and only available for qualifying Communication Service Provider organizations and individuals.

VMware NFV Solutions: www.vmware.com/go/nfv
VMware Customer and Partner Testimonials: http://www.telecomtv.com/articles/vmware/



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