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5G and 6G SASE and Edge

Private Mobile Networks Accelerate Enterprise Innovation

ASOCS Delivers the Promise of Private Mobile Networks with VMware vSphere

Private Mobile Networks have the potential to impact multiple enterprises—from manufacturing and utilities to retail and healthcare—driving innovation and digital transformation. The exponential growth of connected devices, applications and users has created a demand for secure, fast, reliable connectivity.  In fact, Analysys Mason predicts the number of private mobile networks will exceed 20,000 by the end of 20261

As enterprises move forward on their digital journey, the automation of their operations and processes requires next generation network performance.  Private mobile networks are becoming the leading consideration for enterprises seeking to accomplish their digital transformation initiatives.  Especially, for business-critical processes and where data security is paramount.  

Enterprises are trusting their sensitive data to private mobile networks with inherent security principals grounded in 3GPP standards. Enhanced privacy protection features employing strong security algorithms, traffic encryption, and protection of signaling and interfaces offer enterprises security that Wi-Fi can’t match. 

While traditional wireless providers are focused on deploying widespread 5G, the enterprise is seeking partners to leverage cellular technology themselves. The introduction of shared spectrum across multiple countries has afforded the enterprise a unique opportunity to deploy private mobile networks with speed and efficiency.  Ownership and operation of a private mobile network can empower the enterprise, accelerating innovation and digital transformation.     

Private Mobile Network Use Cases 


  • Production video ingest and analytics – Mobile network connected smart cameras, filming and processing data, to assure quality of products 
  • Advanced predictive maintenance – Tracking of equipment assets to pre-emptively identify faults and need for maintenance 
  • Automated guided vehicles – Self driving vehicles in industrial settings (e.g. mining) using AI to reduce human risk and error 


  • Security video ingest and analytics – Mobile network connected smart cameras, filming and processing data, to inform security response strategy 
  • Environmental condition monitoring – Analysis of ambient metrics (e.g. temperature, pressure, vibration) to identify faults and need for maintenance 


  • Patient monitoring devices – Devices to monitor patient status for various metrics (e.g. O2 concentration, glucose, heart rate) 

Figure 1: Private 5G Industry & Use Cases 

Spotlight Solution: ASOCS 

VMware is excited to announce a new partnership with ASOCS, a market innovator offering a virtualized radio access network (RAN) software solution that delivers a 5G private mobile network in a single software stack.  ASOCS Private 5G Network In‑A‑Box includes a curated ASOCS CYRUS 2.0 Open RAN and 5G Core delivered on VMware virtual infrastructure. The common operations running on VMware vSphere enables industrial enterprises to easily implement 5G private networks. Stephen Spellicy, vice president of product marketing and business development, Service Provider and Edge, VMware, said, “As service providers transition to an open, cloud-native infrastructure, they are beginning to host and monetize 5G services, including private 5G. At the same time, enterprises are deploying AI/ML workloads and edge-native apps to deliver next-generation experiences to their customers. The solution we’ve developed with ASOCS addresses the needs of both service providers and enterprises. It enables service providers to deliver private connectivity to their customers while allowing enterprises to deploy their privately own network to run and manage latency-sensitive and bandwidth-intensive workloads securely”.

Solution Overview 

ASOCS and VMWare: Private 5G Mobile Network delivers secure, fast, reliable cellular connectivity deployed onpremises with commercial off-the-shelf hardware.  The solution, as depicted below, can be deployed onpremises with a fully packaged ASOCS CYRUS 2.0 Open Radio Access and 5G Core. This solution provides robust 5G cellular connectivity as a single tenant solution. 

Figure 2: ASOCS and VMWare: Private 5G Mobile Network Solution

“The benefits for manufacturing automation of 5G over traditional networks is clear,” explains Gaby Guri, ASOCS CTO. “Other than enabling multiple connected IoT devices such as machinery, automated vehicles, drones and VR goggles, the control over latency and performance can only be achieved via a software led 5G Private Network solution.  Partnering with VMware helps enterprises overcome technological barriers and make deployment and management of the network as simple as a traditional Wi-Fi network with all the benefits of 5G,” continued Mr. Guri.  

ASOCS Private 5G Case Study – Manufacturing 

Inventec, a Taiwan-based server manufacturer, deployed a 5G SA private mobile network to support industrial automation.  The Private 5G solution virtualized on VMware vSphere delivers promising use cases of 5G including Al-based automatic optical inspection for their legacy machines to empower high-precision defect detection. According to Inventec SVP, Albert Chen, “Our goal is to significantly improve our factory efficiency and reduce manpower in the assembly line. Previously, due to network limitations, production machines were connected to a local computer to perform Al functions. After deploying a private 5G network, we were able to link the production machines to a central server with more data and Al training. As a result, the production line straight-through rate (FPY, First Pass Yield) rose from 70% to over 85%”. 

Your Fastest Path to 5G. 

Whether you’re in manufacturing, utilities, retail, or healthcare, the private 5G solution delivered by combining ASOCS and VMware is your fastest path to 5G. It delivers superior connectivity, highly secure networking, easy installation, and extensibility to other edge cloud applications. And this network in‑a‑box solution can lower costs, reduce management demands, and increase long‑term adaptability. 

Ready to learn more?  Download the solution brief, visit and contact your VMware representative today. 

1 Analysys Mason: Private LTE/5G networks: worldwide trends and forecasts 2021–2026 

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