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Building the Network Cloud from Core to Edge: Introducing the Accenture and VMware Cloud Native Box

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of announcing that Accenture and VMware joined forces to  develop strategic, innovative cloud solutions. Together, we sought to accelerate communications service providers’ (CSPs) journey to leverage cloud-native capabilities to fuel 5G and edge innovation to enterprises with new products and services. Only months later, the Accenture VMware Business Group (AVBG) are now offering zero-touch network engineering and operations through our newly launched Cloud Native Box. 

The Cloud Native Box is a market-ready solution that supports multiple use cases with unlimited potential for specific deployment models, from core to edge and private networks solutions, depending on the business demands of each company.  As a pre-engineered solution it offers proven interoperability among radio components, open computing, leading edge VMware Telco Cloud Platform (TCP) and a plethora of multivendor network workloads, with unparalleled lifecycle management automation capabilities.   

When it comes to network cloud implementation, CSPs must address two imperatives.   

  • Efficient roll out of cloud solutions: CSPs are all racing to reach major milestones like edge, private network, Open RAN and complete 5G deployment.   
  • Effective implementation of cloud solutions: As the foundation to monetize next generation technology CSPs require a platform built for innovation with new business models to support new products and services.  

So, how does our Cloud Native Box work?  

Let’s start at the core: Automation. The Accenture Cloud Native Automation System (CNAS) is a holistic and open platform that is seamlessly integrated with VMware Telco Cloud Automation (TCA) to automate CSPs’ time consuming and redundant tasks such as planning, deployment, testing and operating the cloud networks.  

By streamlining legacy tasks, engineering teams can dedicate their energy to product and service innovation to deliver on the 5G promise.  

I am pleased to share that our joint solution is already demonstrating fantastic results – 30% OPEX optimization, 20% CAPEX reduction and 40% time to market improvement.  

New Opportunities Enabled by the Cloud Native Box  
The Cloud Native Box creates a transparent layer for the multi-vendor partner ecosystem to build the future cloud-native network that allows for integration with existing business platforms and technology stacks. This capability is what will separate companies from the pack, allowing them to offer the broadest range of information technology and communications services. 

With the Cloud Native Box, CSPs can achieve their vision of cloud-native networks and impact revenue streams beyond connectivity. This will allow CSPs to help launch enterprise customers into the next generation of technology and telco solutions, including smart manufacturing, smart cities, automotive applications and sustainable energy initiatives.  

Accenture and VMware are committed to driving 5G/Edge innovation while addressing industry and societal challenges. We recently launched a 5G/EDGE Innovation Network Hub in Rome as part of our global 5G innovation network, where we showcased our cloud native box. The capabilities of our Network Hub address major challenges of both our CSP clients and clients across market verticals. 

Having optimal engineered solutions that accelerate deployment of new services by sorting out the details of planning, deployment, onboarding, testing and design, is key for any industry in this high-stakes world of high tech and communications. AVBG brings the 5G, Edge and cloud knowledge, and we are ready to help you scale up and create new, differentiated products.  

You can hear more and ask questions at our live sessions on October 5, 6 & 7 at VMworld 2021, or reach out to the AVBG team on our sponsor page during the event to learn more. 


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