5G and 6G

10 Predictions on 5G

With the current year promising to be a breakout one for 5G, I’ve taken the opportunity to outline some of the key changes I see coming in the Telco & Edge Cloud area as a result of this arrival.

  1. We will see robust, nationwide 5G networks and services in the US beginning in the latter half of 2020.
  2. The growing popularity of eSim technology will chip away at the traditional barriers to multi-carrier solutions and dynamic carrier switching, making both much more feasible and popular.
  3. The primary driver of consumer 5G usage will be the growing adoption of credible enterprise 5G use cases such as advanced conferencing and private network connectivity.
  4. 5G connectivity will emerge as a credible replacement for WiFi. For the majority of us who are accustomed to always asking ‘What’s the WiFi password?’, this will be a liberating sea-change.
  5. Tier 1 telcos will get comfortable with a ‘virtual-first’ architecture for their core network functions, turning their attention to the Edge and RAN.
  6. The battle for the Edge among telcos and public cloud providers will heat up significantly. Hybrid architectures that connect telco clouds to hyperscale public clouds will gain traction.
  7. We will see the emergence of edge-native applications spread across two categories:  latency sensitive and high data volume. By the end of 2020, latency-sensitive apps will lead in edge deployments.
  8. Radio (RAN) infrastructure will see significant software-driven upheaval due to the disaggregation and separation of radio, distribution, and control.
  9. Increased IoT device-based cyberattacks will compel CIOs to assert more control over IoT deployments. Security will become an inherent requirement of the 5G infrastructure supporting IoT.
  10. The adoption of programmable network architectures will increase among global carriers, enabling strong policy-based security solutions.

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