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Using Fusion to securely browse the Internet

Hey everyone =)

Did you know that today’s Internet is more than just web pages? Shocker, right?

Well… did you know that VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation can help protect you when browsing the wide-open Internet?

How so, you might ask?

When you surf online you are being tracked in a number of ways. Tracking “Cookies”, IP Addresses, Geo Location and Language, Browsing History, Invisible tracking pixels/images and more. All working in concert to build a profile of you and your online habits.

In addition to just standard browsing being tracked, there’s also ‘the bad guys’ out there:

Using VMware Fusion (or VMware Workstation) on your desktop to run a different operating system and web browser in a virtual sandbox keeps your main operating system safe, anonymous and protected from online threats.

Check out the Infographic here!

3 thoughts on “Using Fusion to securely browse the Internet

  1. Bart Jenkins

    I run Windows 7 Pro on VMWare Fusion 8.5.3 under Apple Mac OS X El Capitan and I use a shared folder between the Windows guest and the Mac host. I do this so I can have work data that I do on my windows VM stored in the filesystem of my mac so that data gets backed up via Time Machine. My concern WRT malware is, what is to prevent ransomware that hits my Windows OS from finding its way to my mac via the shared folder?

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