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Fusion 8.5 Released and Available Now!

Lots of stuff in this announcement, so read on!

Fusion 8.5 Now Available!


Start your upgrade engines, Fusion 8.5 is here!

We’re very proud of our team for achieving this milestone release, which is available as a free update for Fusion 8 customers!

New features include:

  • Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Guests
  • Support for macOS Sierra Host and Guest
  • Ready for Windows Server 2016
  • Tabbed View Support
  • Siri Support
  • Bug Fixes
  • Free for 8.0 Customers!

Grab the bits here: vmware.com/go/getfusion or use the built-in Software Update feature.

We chose to make this a free release for current customers for a few reasons, but largely: “We hear from our users year on year that having to pay for something as small as a minor operating system release gets a little long in the tooth” . Theres a lot going on at VMware this year giving us an opportunity to pause and focus, (but we’re not dead!) so we extended that opportunity to our users with a free upgrade that supports the latest from Apple and Microsoft, while still managing to squeeze in support for a couple of interesting features largely with the help of Apple: Tabs and Siri.



Upgrade Pricing

We also want everyone on the current version, so we’ve extended our upgrade price eligibility going back as far as Fusion 4.0… So, if you’re on Fusion 4, 5 or 6 you can qualify for a huge discount on the price of Fusion. (Oh, and we’re also giving you an additional 15% off Fusion 8 upgrades for 2 days only, and and 33% off Fusion 8 Pro upgrades!! We must be crazy… Or we love our users… you decide!)

Virtual Reality Contest

Oh, and while we’re here, did you hear about our Virtual Reality giveaway? All you have to do is tell us in 30 seconds to a minute ‘Why you love Fusion or Workstation’ and an interesting tale that is unique to you. All the details are available here: store.vmware.com/oculus

VMworld 2016: We Love Fusion and Workstation!

We did a session at VMworld which you can check out here and spoke with some of our fans afterward, here what they have to say about Fusion and Workstation!


Release Notes

Full Release Notes can be found here

Bug fixes in this release include:

  • MS Office applications in Windows virtual machine would sometimes not open the attachment in the mail application on Mac. This issue is resolved.
  • After you import a Parallels 11 virtual machine into VMware Fusion, attempting to power on the virtual machine would fail with the error “Inaccessible Boot Device.”. This issue is resolved.
  • When the Full Screen Minibar was hidden at the edge of the screen, hovering the cursor over it would not make it appear. This issue is resolved.
  • Fusion could crash when you attempt to create a remote virtual machine on vCenter Server 5.5. This issue is resolved.
  • On the Ubuntu 15.10 and later versions guest OS, when you replace open-vm-tools with the VMware Tools version bundled with VMware Fusion, VMware Tools may not work as expected. After you reboot the system, an Ubuntu crash report might appear and one of the services in VMware Tools might stop working. This issue is resolved.
  • Attempts to drag and drop files between the host and a Mac OS virtual machine occasionally fail. This issue is resolved.

We will be issuing point releases to address any issues that may come up after macOS Sierra reaches General Availability later this month.

Hope you enjoy!

33 thoughts on “Fusion 8.5 Released and Available Now!

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    1. Michael RoyMichael Roy Post author

      Yah all that is fixed in 8.5 and 12.5, which we released as free updates to existing 8 and 12 customers.

      1. GeoffT

        I should have preferred it if my free upgrade had not lost my USB ports – especially since I don’ t know how to recover them!

  2. wes

    Has VMWare at least managed to show the correct native resolution in guests on 2015 retina macbooks yet? You know, that problem you told me you were working on back when Fusion 5.1.x was released?

    1. wes

      Apparently not, still no 2304×1440 available to the guest when ‘use full resolution for retina display’ is enabled, only slow and scaled options. Is it really so hard to query the OS for the resolution it’s using and pass that to the vmgfx driver and emulated video card device? Why would it even be giving the emulated device modes to use that the host hardware does not report?

  3. Wibs

    Take Fusion 7 for example. It quite happily runs all versions of windows, it also runs quite happily on the latest current Mac OSX version. So apart from a few bug fixes and a host of workarounds, why should one PAY to upgrade from Fusion 7 for a feature-free update? Is it like a tip?

    1. brian

      Exactly, well said! If they would charge for this release there is no way in hell I would pay to upgrade.. I do prefer Fusion over Parallels and I do hope that they won’t destroy Fusion at some point.. We shall see what next year (or later) brings..

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  5. Mike

    Interesting that there were no updates to vmware tools for Windows 7 guests. Was only the code in the host updated and guest code remains the same? All part of my further questioning the commitment of Vmware to the desktop line of products.

    1. Michael RoyMichael Roy Post author

      And I don’t know how much more committed we could be… We issued a free update which everyone has asked us to do year after year to support the new OS’s, we have a new development team working round the clock on a very aggressive roadmap for 2017, we promoted many from the old development team to work on the underlying platform that we share with vSphere and Horizon (View), we are increasing our budgets, we are doing more marketing activities then ever…
      If that’s not commitment, I just don’t know what else I can do. This is my life and has been since version 2, and I’m not slowing down one bit. BTW, we’ve had plenty of changes in the development teams over the years, so this isn’t new, it’s just the first time the press picked it up because a former employee wrote a blog about it, and it happened to coincide with other Dell/EMC merger news.

      Question it all you like (and you’re right to keep us honest), in the mean time we’re going to keep shipping updates and new releases of Fusion and Workstation.

      1. dom

        I certainly like your firm response Michael, let’s see what future holds for us and Fusion 🙂
        I hate Parallels and could not use it personally. Fusion all the way.

    1. Michael RoyMichael Roy Post author

      That should be a Workstation server… copy edit from the web team it looks like, thanks for the heads up, we’ll get it changed.

  6. Jason

    Killer feature still missing in Fusion… Hard disk settings cannot be changed for linked clones.

    Why can that be changed in Workstation and not Fusion? I’ve asked a few times but nobody could ever give me a technical reason.

    1. Michael RoyMichael Roy Post author

      The technical reason is because we haven’t built it to do that yet. It’s more than just making the UI widgets, and we’ve had other features that ranked higher on the priority stack previously. Ultimately we’re working towards feature parity with Workstation, but we can’t do everything at once, as much as we’d like to.

  7. Calum Hunter

    So still can’t create a Mac OS X 10.12 VM using the Install macOS Sierra.app

    Get the dreaded Unable to create install media

    Tried on multiple machines running 10.11.5 and 10.11.6

  8. Saber

    I installed 8.5 earlier this week and upgraded to macOS Sierra. Everything went well and I noticed a lot less spinning fans on my MacBook Pro Retina 2015. I”m doing a lot of development in Visual Studio. But it is no fun if your machines fans are constantly blowing. Especially since the Windows laptops running Workstation are not experiencing the same.

    So pretty please with sugar on top, give power consumption and unnecessary blowing fans a high priority!

  9. Patrick

    This update broke my Windows 10 x64 VMs. They just come up with the ‘VMWare encountered an error’ dialog.

    Linux VMs work fine.

    Not sure what to do now…

    1. Cary Jones

      Same problem, was working fine, did the update and now my bootcamp booted through vmware fusion throws errors and won’t boot.

    2. Richard

      Agree this update throws all sorts of errors when booting windows 10.

      I managed to boot my Bootcamp partition natively and Windows finished installing the Anniversary Update. This cleared the partition error.

      Then it failed to reboot again, so I removed the Bootcamp from the list of virtual machines and readded it. This solved an error.

      Now it boots 50% of the time.

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  11. fixit

    Both parallels and vmware fusion are not Sierra ready, neither of them can properly access the isight camera on 2012 macs, including MacBook, MacBook air and more. Why isn’t this fixed? You guys have bug reports yet have done nothing.

    1. Michael RoyMichael Roy Post author

      The short answer is because fixes take time and expertise. I would love that the instant an issue is reported that we have a fix, but it requires engineering effort, going back and forth with Apple, testing, building and releasing. It’s easy for someone to say ‘why isn’t this fixed’ when they don’t understand the complexity of the software, the problem, or the effort required to fix and release said fix.

      1. JME

        Hi Michael,
        I love VMWare and especially the helpful staff. When ever my Civil3D CAD program breaks, I call you guys first, and invariably it is a CAD programming error that stops me dead in my tracks. Today, thanks to the help of the VM-Peeps, CAD is running smoothly. Thankfully, CAD now recognizes the graphics card of the VM. But yes, I also have the same spinning fan problem, regardless of whether I am running CAD in the VM or not. NB. I run Win 7, and the Mac CPU is dedicating 200% to my VM-Pro 8.5 program. Also… Multiple retina screens don’t work any more now that I installed Sierra.

  12. Bill Hale

    Can’t find my entry. Nothing was working. Rebooting Mac seemed to get it going
    at least for a quick check.

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  15. Cas Liddle

    Why is Fusion 8.5 and PRO online price higher at 200Euro for South Africa than the USA price of $149? Keep in mind that $1 = 14 ZAR

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