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Fusion 8.0.2 now available

Today we have released an important update to Fusion 8 and Fusion 8 Pro, bringing our current version to 8.0.2.

All users on Fusion 8 or Fusion 8 Pro will receive notification that a free update is available through the app, but here’s the download link in case you haven’t got the notification yet:

Direct Download

This release contains fixes in the following areas:

  • BootCamp + OS X El Capitan 
    • We have resolved multiple issues with running BootCamp as a VM in OS X El Capitan
  • Resolved crashes with fullscreen in multi-monitor setups
  • Wireshark, EtherApe, tcpdump
    • Fusion host network interfaces (vmnet1 and vmnet8) now support tools such as tcpdump, Wireshark, EtherApe, and others compatible with BPF
  • Support for Skylake processors
    • Such as the new 27″ Late 2015 iMac 5K
  • Remote VM Creation fixes
    • VM creation will now see the proper values for the Network, allowing the guest to properly obtain an IP address and connect to the network

VMware Fusion 8.0.2 Full Release Notes

All users on Fusion 8 or Fusion 8 Pro will receive notification that a free update is available.

Thinking of upgrading from version 6 or 7? Check out our online store today!


12 thoughts on “Fusion 8.0.2 now available

  1. W

    Have you fixed it so vmware fusion guests with ‘use full resolution for retina display’ actually see the *native* resolution of the screen instead of ludicrously higher and lower resolutions that *always* force some kind of scaling which adds additional load to the gpu?

  2. JJ_Grafica

    Hi Michael, thanks for news on the update. I was looking forward to it as I’m evaluating Fusion for occasional use of a CAD platform that needs OpenGL3+ or DirectX10+ – both of which were trumpeted in the original release of Fusion 8. I was hoping that this patch would see this core functionality working after a frustrating time trying to get it going on 8.0.1, but no luck. I have a less than six month old MBA and as far as I can tell I meet all the requirements laid out on p13 of the user guide:
    3D accelerated video with DirectX 10 with OpenGL 3.3 for Windows Vista and later [YES: Windows 10 64-bit] as the guest OS. DirectX 10 requires OSX 10.10 or later [YES: 10.10.4] on the host and hardware version 12 [YES] and later. DirectX 10 also requires a GPU version of Intel HD4000 or later [YES: Intel HD6000], Nvidia GeForce 650M or later, or AMD Radeon HD 5750 or later.

    And yet it doesn’t work. I only get DirectX9 & OpenGL 2.1. The support guys won’t help as it is an evaluation, but without OpenGL 3+ it’s no good to me so no point buying. I have trawled through google, the knowledgebase, the VMWare community posts and so on, but can’t find any pointers. There is one quite helpful post where various contributors dig into log files but the problems seem very specific to each case. I put a post up on the community forum describing the problem complete with logs but so far no response.

    I understand that you’re trying to pull off something pretty complex here, but given the promotion of the feature on release of Fusion 8 I would expect it to work on very recent hardware, or at least have your support guys crawling the forums to help people get it going.

    And yes – this is a similar comment to one I posted on the Fusion 8 release blog post. Thanks in advance for nudging someone to respond either here or on the forums…

      1. JJ_Grafica

        Thanks Michael. I had installed VMWare tools when I originally set up the VM in Fusion 8.0.1. To be on the safe side I just removed them, restarted everything (guest & Fusion), reinstalled them, restarted everything. No improvement I’m afraid. I’ll update the forum post with the current log file.

  3. Tim Parker

    I upgraded Fusion 7 to 8 and then 8.02 on top of El Capitan and still does not resolve the following error messages:
    “Operation not permitted
    Cannot open the disk ‘/Users/timparker/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines/Boot Camp/Boot Camp.vmwarevm/Boot Camp.vmdk’ or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.
    Module ‘Disk’ power on failed.
    Failed to start the virtual machine.”

    When re-addding virtual machine to library:
    “Failed to lock the file
    Cannot open the disk ‘/Users/timparker/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/Windows 7 x64.vmwarevm/Windows 7 x64-000002.vmdk’ or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.
    Module ‘Disk’ power on failed.
    Failed to start the virtual machine.”

    Could use some help – I am trying to do end of the month invociing and cannot access my accounting software.
    BTW – your online support registration is currently non-functional.


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