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Extend your Windows XP journey with VMware Fusion

After 12 years in the market, Windows XP support ends today, April 8, 2014.

Are you still using Windows XP? Do you need more time?

If you’d like to continue running Windows XP, virtualization is an ideal solution. Virtualization will enable you to continue using Windows XP, but on modern hardware, like the latest Macs.

And, if you’ve been thinking about getting a Mac, or own one already, you can use VMware Fusion 6 Professional to create a Windows XP virtual machine that will run on your Mac. You’ll be able to use your Windows XP applications and access your Windows XP documents and files as you do now, only on a Mac.

Moving Windows XP to your Mac is fast and easy with Fusion Professional’s built-in Migration Assistant, which takes you through the migration process step-by-step in clear, easy-to-follow windows. For a preview of the process, watch the how-to video Migrating a Windows PC to a Mac in the VMware Fusion 6 Professional Learning Center.

If you’re happy with Windows XP, you don’t have to stop using it. Just virtualize it on a Mac with VMware Fusion Professional.

Click here to learn more about virtualizing Windows XP.

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About Nannette Vilushis

Nannette is Senior Product Marketing Manager for VMware Fusion. Her background includes product marketing roles at IBM and Sage Software.

3 thoughts on “Extend your Windows XP journey with VMware Fusion

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  2. Peter McAllister

    Will the new VMWare Fusion 7 still run XP?

    1. Nannette Vilushis Post author

      VMware Fusion 7 will run Windows XP in a virtual machine. For a list of all operating systems supported by Fusion 7, see https://www.vmware.com/support/fusion/faq/requirements.html#supported_guest.

      Thank you for your interest in VMware Fusion.

      The VMware Fusion Team


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