OS X Mountain Lion Released to the Masses!

Today is an exciting day for all of us in the Apple community; Apple released OS X Mountain Lion. We have using OS X Mountain Lion since its early developer release and are extremely excited about this latest Mac OS. 


Based on our experience as well as those in the developer community, VMware Fusion 4.1.3 currently runs on OS X Mountain Lion without any known major issues. We are super excited about a lot of the new features and always looking for ways that we may be able to take advantage of them in VMware Fusion. Stay Tuned!

 If you are using one of the new Retina Mac Book Pro’s with VMware Fusion 4 check out the blog post here on how to optimize VMware Fusion with the display.


To learn more about VMware Fusion 4 or download a free 30 day trial click HERE



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  1. VMWare fusion 3.x doesn’t work with Mountain Lion;
    Your team should have mentioned this to your customers prior to the Mountain Lion release.

  2. Thanks for testing VMWare fusion 3.x with Mountain Lion…is this going to get fixed soon?? I need to use it on a daily basis…

  3. I’ll second the comments above. Finding Fision 3.x disabled in Mountain Lion was less than ‘super exciting’. Any patches expected?

  4. I now have an iMac with Lion, no Fusion yet. Would it make any difference if I upgrade to Mountain Lion first, and then install Fusion 4.1, or install Fusion before upgrading to Mountain Lion?

  5. I am running Fusion 4.1.1 and I get a message saying that 4.1.1 won’t run on Mountain Lion. How do I upgrade to 4.1.3 while preserving my setup? Thanks!

  6. This morning has been a catastrophe!! I’m running 3.1.4 and updated to Mountain Lion AT WORK!!!! now i can’t work….there has to be an immediate fix….what kind of preparation is this???

    1. have you had any luck bringing you VM’s back to life? ive done the same catastrophic error, now there is a not entry sign over the the Fusion icon. pls help.

  7. Can VMware Fusion v4.1.3 client run the newly released Mac OS X 10.8 (Mt. Lion) in its VM on a Mac Mini host with 4 GB of RAM and an updated 64-bit Mac OS X 10.7.4?

  8. Thanks for posting this! Any chance on getting a rundown of the “minor” known issues so that we can decide if those will impact us enough to hold off on the Mountain Lion upgrade?

  9. I’d say that it doesn’t work. I’m getting all kindsa display problems with menus appearing after i’ve closed them. Never had this problem with Lion and the same build of VMWare fusion

  10. It is unbelievable that you say in the FAQ you are not going to support Mountain Lion on Fusion 3.
    I guess you don’t even have the decency or respect for your customers to even mention that little revelation here.
    It is disgusting.
    Fusion 3 ran on Lion. It would be a trivial amount of work to upgrade it for Mountain Lion.
    I probably would have upgraded eventually, but not now.
    I will never buy a VMWare product again. Ever.

  11. It is disgusting that VMware will not support a product like Fusion 3 for a few years of Mac OS updates.
    Fusion 3 is less than three years old!
    And already useless to any Mac user who wants to use the latest Mac OS.

  12. I spoke to sales today and they said that there is NO intentioned to update Fusion 3.1.4 to support Mountain Lion. He said that I would simply need to purchase VMware Fusion 4.0, which he mentioned is also not working at the moment! How are you supposed to sell me on a product that isn’t even working? Especially when I purchased mine 2 years ago and it has been working great with Lion and I expect support for Mountain Lion. I am truly disappointed at the lack of preparation for the OS X 10.8 release and especially that no special upgrade pricing is even offered to us faithful users. I am forced to work in a PC environment and have always counted on VMware Fusion to do so for several years, too bad I was let down this time. Hopefully they can get things figured out pretty quick!

  13. How about 50% off upgrading from Fusion 3 to Fusion 4? That would be reasonable, especially since upgrading to Mountain Lion today ended access to our VM

  14. 4.1.3 does not work if 3D acceleration is enabled (confirmed on macpro anyway)
    actually the vm works ok, it is the rest of the mac that is unusable due to extreme flickering.

  15. I have vm fusion 3.1.4 and like many posts here, upgraded to mountain lion today thereby locking out launching the app. My question is: if I buy/upgrade to vm 4, will it wipe out or overwrite all the files (aka OS’s like virtual window 7 and xp and server, etc) that I’ve built?..all the snapshots??
    Or will vm release a patch to release the lock of launching the app enough to access the vm tools to upgrade the version that works with lion/mountain lion????

  16. Well… this does it, no more support from me for VMWare. I am a student and use it for my CS Classes as well as learning new OS’s that I can obtain for free through my school. Its sad too, because I was really going to go purchase VMWare Fusion 4.0 this upcoming semster…. Thank you VMWare for your awesome 1 1/2 years of working for me….. :-s

  17. Really guys? It’s one thing to drop the ball going to a significant release like 10.7, but to not have a patch or a care to patch 3.1.4 is an insult to your customer base. This horrible attempt at a forced upgrade just means I won’t be bothering with Fusion in the future.

  18. Another pissed off 3.1.4 user.
    It is shameful not to patch this software which was working in Lion.
    I too won’t be bothering with Fusion in the future.

  19. VMware. tsk tsk.
    I purchased Fusion 3 in March 2011 for $94 AUD.
    You started selling Fusion 4 in September 2011.
    There is no excuse for not updating Fusion 3 to support 10.8, Fusion 4 is not even a year old.
    This is not the tactic to use if you want users to upgrade, it just angers customers. You should be offering dirt-cheap upgrades to all of your angry Fusion 3 customers right now.
    Your update cost alone exceeds the price of the mac operating system. Let me assure you, that if I’m to spend money on a new emulator, it will be at your competitors.
    Your main competitor Parallels have already stated that they’ll support their previous version, despite this version being discontinued even before Fusion 4 launched!

  20. A considerable amount of well deserved anger directed at VMware regarding the inability to support their customers. I used to run Fusion 3.1.4, upgraded to Mountain Lion to be surprised that it’s the only programme on my system that is not compatible.
    I feel badly let down as a customer, and the only solution that I can see at the moment is to migrate to a competitor product Parallels.
    Some positive feedback from VMworld customer services would be nice.

  21. Same here. I bought Fusion roughly a year ago. Not supporting a product in that timeframe any longer is ridiculous. Forcing customers not to upgrade to Fusion 4 given that Fusion 5 is supposed to start end of this year doesn’t make it any better! I guess this has been the last time that I bought a VMWare product if this decision is not revised. A comment / update from VMWare would be necessary.

  22. I’ve just upgraded to Mountain Lion only find out that Fusion 3 no longer works.
    I await VMware’s comment on what they plan to do about this.

  23. Well, like other VMware 3 owners I am totally disgusted. I was going to upgrade to VM4 through choice but if I am being forced to do so, then no way…!!!.
    Over to parallels for me.

  24. Is this some kind of joke? I stayed on Fusion 3 because there was no upgrade discount for version 4 (really, would a $10 upgrade discount have hurt?). Now 3.1.4 won’t ever be supported on Mountain Lion. Talk about being pushed into a corner by VMWare – cough up $50 or you won’t be able to run your VMs that ran perfectly well yesterday. Was this information made known to us in advance? You have my email address, why wasn’t this communicated?
    My only regret is not switching to Parallels sooner.

  25. Just installed Mountain Lion and now find that Fusion 3.14 won’t run. It looks like VMWare is trying to force sales of Fusion 4 by choosing not to support Mountain Lion. Very unhappy!

  26. I just upgraded to Mountain Lion to find out that I can’t access my windows files anymore….
    This is ridiculous. This is my work laptop, I need VMWare on a daily basis. I bought Fusion just over a year ago and now it is not even supported??? I need to purchase an upgrade that costs more than twice the cost of the OS? And there is no mention anywhere whether I will be able to access my files?
    How do I retrieve my data now if I decide not to upgrade?

  27. VMWare appears to be running on mine, but not smoothly. I am running 10.8 Mountain Lion 64-bit with a Windows 7 64-bit virtual machine.
    When I launch the VM, everything boots fine and works exactly as it did prior to the upgrade to Mountain Lion. However, When I click into the VMWare window (running full screen), my other Mac OS windows “shutter”, almost as if the GUI is rapidly switching between VMWare and other applications at a very fast rate. I also notice my clock is going crazy, and my battery percentage is going back and forth between two numbers.
    This is a 2011 MacBook Pro 15″, Dual Core i7, 8GB RAM..

  28. Sorry VMWare, this made me switch over to Parallels.
    Really sad to see more and more companies trying to force their customers to buy their latest product all the time instead of trying to handle their current customers to ensure they are satisfied so they upgrade because of new features which they actually need.

  29. Hmm, just upgraded to Mountain Lion – 3.1.4 not running, VMWare not being very nice about it => no money you will get from me. Off to parallels I go.

  30. Very disappointed that VMware Fusion 3 does not work with Mountain Lion. This is the ONLY major application I have that does not function after upgrading OSX. This is not good customer service.

  31. This is important: Before upgrading to Mountain Lion, make sure all of your VMWare VMs are shutdown, and not suspended. This is necessary in order to import the image into Parallels.
    VMWare, I have one VM that I can no longer use. I would rather lose that image than pay you a single dollar more.

  32. Huh. Lots of vitriol. People upgrading work machines without performing even basic validation that the tools they use will work. By the way, I’m fleeing Parallels as fast as I can for their utter disregard for their customers by forcing ads down their throats with intrusive pop-ups on the paid, licensed version of their software.

  33. Seriously dudes, chill out. I’m not sure why you expect VMWare to make previous versions work with new operating systems.
    Feel free, however to be angry about the fact that they claim to support the new operating system with the current version when that’s blatantly not the case.

  34. I find it kind of funny that OS X users are complaining about being blocked out from a software update when Apple on a regular basis does the same thing and breaks support for older hardware and software.
    That being said, I agree that VMWare could have provided better communication prior to the release for Mountain Lion (as someone else said, they do have my email address). I also agree that given the situation an update pricing scheme should be put into place for existing 3.x customers. As VMWare doesn’t have update pricing, I’m going to be hesitant to purchase 4.x with the likely release of 5.x in the fall.

  35. I am amazed at the number of people that do not do their homework prior to updating their MAC OS operating system. All you had to do was a few clicks to find out you had to have the latest version of VMware. They did a great job of being reading for Mountain Lion, you should have done the same.

  36. Wow…I am really taken aback that VMWare is not making 3.x compatible with Mountain Lion. Sure, Apple does this sometimes, but VMWare 3.x is not that old and Mountain Lion is not that substantial an upgrade. I am a quite unhappy customer.

  37. Also, for anyone curious.
    If you go to the parallels fusion page you can find an update page.
    If you provide a VMWare Fusion serial number to parallels on this page, you can upgrade to Fusion for $30.
    Seems like a good deal if you want to switch.

  38. I just found out that my DOS 2.1 doesn’t work anymore with VMWare Fusion on Mountain Lion.
    Are you serious?
    It’s there a patch or something.
    Is this the way you treat DOS users.

  39. and my copy of VMWare fusion has never worked on my old MacMini PPC version.
    Did you ever get that fixed?
    Probably not losers.

  40. Like all the others, my VM fusion 3.1.4 can’t be launched after the mountain lion upgrade. It is the only application can’t work in mountain lion. All other installed applications work great. I started to use fusion since last June and just only a year, It can’t work and vmware doesn’t want to support it. It is kind of unfair to customer.

  41. Any yes, i’m joking. I have 4.1.3 and will upgrade to Mountain Lion tonight.
    To other the other negative posters, post your address and I’ll send you some cheese that’ll go with your whine…

  42. Like many others, I updated to Mountain Lion before updating my version of VMWare. I am not furious, however I do want to know if I can purchase Vers. 4 now and then transfer over my old virtual machine that is sadly sitting in the Incompatible Software folder. Or do I need to reinstall the old Mac OS and then update VMWare, and then update the OS.
    It was dumb of me not to check this first — I knew there was an update but 3 worked fine for me and I didn’t want to spend the money. My PC machine is VITAL for work, however, and something that important I should of course have checked out first.
    So whatever — at this point I just need a little help. Anyone have any answers? I do have a Time Machine backup of my system from right before I updated to Mountain Lion. THANKS!!!

    1. Im in the same shoes as you, i too have a time machine backup. Did you manage to upgrade vmware and carry on as normal or did you go back in time using your time machine? If its the latter, did you select ‘all files’ and restore?

      pls help

  43. Well I have Mountain Lion and the most recent VMWARE. My Machine is riduculously slow. How are they saying no bugs?

  44. I too have Fusion 3.1.4
    If there is no plan to update the software to run on Mountain Lion then you have lost me as a customer. I have used and recommended VMWare to colleagues for several years. But when a relatively minor update mandates a new licence after only a short time, it is time for a change. On to to Parallels…….

  45. I’m really angry with no fusion 3 compatibilty wiht mountan lion.
    S tuding move to parallels 30 $ offer.
    Main question: is posible to migrate my windows virtual machine from vmware to parallels?

  46. Like all others with no indication that VM Fusion dd not work with Mountain Lion I installed the OS only to find out after it would not run! So I blame APPLE and VM Ware Apple should have a pre-install check program like MS windows that runs prior to install of OS X to report on any app’s that will not work. I am off to get Parallels for AU$29.95

  47. Great customer relations VMware. This is another customer who will NEVER be coming back. Never buy anything here. Waste of money!

  48. Wow, thanks for all the effort you put into letting all us Fusion 3.1 users know that it wouldn’t work with Mountain Lion!
    Way to go! You must have spent, let me see …. about … hmm, carry the 3 … yep, I am guessing approximately zero minutes thinking about it!
    VirtualBox is looking better & better …

  49. I must be missing something… Why are so many people still running Fusion 3.x? I upgraded to 4.x a long time ago, and I was running 4.1.3 long before Mountain Lion came out. I can’t think of a reason for continuing to use 3.x.

  50. Lots of anger; certainly understandable to those who share it, or to those who develop products on short release cycles. (And by ‘short release cycles’, I mean anything under two years. I’m the lead developer AND support guy in a small company; getting out of the what-do-we-need-to-update-this-week? work-disruption sinkhole was a big part of the reason we left (native) Windows for Mac to begin with.
    Guys (and I mean all of you folk complaining about the update), remember: no matter how attractive Fusion is at first blush, it is NOT a core product for VMWare and they’ve simply lost interest in it. (I’ve seen half a dozen comparative reviews tonight that used words like “lazy”, “half-finished”, “absent-minded”, and in no case were they talking about VMWare’s competitors).
    We WILL be upgrading every Mac we have to Mountain Lion within the next few days; it solves too many pain points for us to keep our mixture of Snow Leopard and Lion Macs. I’m going to be proving that I can install 10.8 and then fall back to 10.7 or 10.6 via Time Machine and CarbonCopyCloner backups and then taking a good, hard look at our existing VMWare setup. We chose VMWare back in the 3.1 days when it appeared much more Linux-friendly than Parallels 6. If we continue to be almost explicitly told that VMWare doesn’t want individual/small-company business, and if Parallels 7 runs our oddball Linuxes as well as VMWare 3.1 did, we’re going to switch, and tell our investors and partners (several of whom have relatively large Mac fleets) exactly why.
    When WE get to the point where we have a “relatively large Mac fleet”, we’ll be sure to remember how we got there. If we decide then to leave Parallels for whatever reason, and if I’m still here to have any say in the decision, then it would be to a competitor OTHER THAN VMware.
    I guess nobody learned anything from Microsoft. Or Lotus, Ashton-Tate, Novell, or any of the many other companies that forgot that large companies start as small ones.

  51. Do not appreciate being locked out of my data until I upgrade to Fusion 4. Just installed Parallels. Goodbye VMWare.

  52. So I just moved the Incompatible Software folder back into the Applications folder, and then downloaded the free trial update to version 4 of VMWare and my virtual machine is back up and running. Will have to purchase it in 30 days, but like this product so much more than Parallels, and what I thought was a catastrophic situation was easily remedied in less than 5 min.

  53. We are pleased to announce users that purchase VMware Fusion 4 from July 25th through September 30th 2012, are eligible for a complimentary upgrade to the next version of VMware Fusion.

    1. Screw you! Like the dozens of other user above and below I run 3.1.2 and it doesn’t work anymore. Either you send me a free upgrade or I’ll never ever again will buy anything from your company! I find these business practice unethical and not customer friendly at all!

  54. Goodbye, VMWare, you guys suck. Plain and simple. Will not ever purchase another VMWare product again. You set a great example of how to abuse your customers.

  55. What a bunch of whiners! I’m a Parallels 6 user and I just upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion and guess what? Parallels 6 no longer works! OS X Mountain Lion disabled it and put it in a folder called Incompatible Software (the only app in there).
    If I want to run Windows 7 on my Mac Pro again then I need to upgrade to Parallels 7 for $50 or purchase VMware Fusion for $50.
    Everyone who is complaining about there not being a patch for VMWare needs to stop crying. Nobody forced you to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion but you paid $20 to upgrade and crippled your older version of VMware or Parallels.
    What a bunch of miserable cheapskates!

  56. Will this is another reason to leave VM and I think I am going to paralleles also. I can not even open it to update it. and They near sent out anything.

  57. You guys are SO FUNNY, it’s SAD! To blindly jump in head first with an OS upgrade before knowing the consequences…. Why do you think XP is still being supported even though there have been 2 major releases (and now a preview for the next)?!?!?!?!
    I purchased my MBP in April 2011 along with copies of Fusion 3 & Parallels 6. Tried them both out, but since I’ve only been accessing my bootcamp partition while inside OSX, I went with Parallels.
    Guess what…..
    Summer 2011 – Lion is released. Don’t upgrade CUZ Parallels 6 ain’t supported. I could buy version 7, but why should I? I purchased version 6 less than 6 months earlier.
    EOY 2011 – Both current Parallels and VMWare versions work with Lion. Should I upgrade to Lion or wait for ML? I’ll wait.
    Summer 2012 – 4 days ago Mountain Lion is released. I’m getting that itch! TIME TO UPGRADE. Hmmm… what do ya know? 35mins later I can no longer access my BC partition cuz the ONLY app that’s incompatible is …wait for it…. PARALLELS 6!
    Now what to do? Go over to Parallels and CRY like a baby? or do I suck it up like a man and either upgrade to version 7 OR upgrade Fusion to version 4???? If I EVER want to run a VM on my Mac (other than using say virtualbox) I gotta do one or the other….
    For business reasons I went with Fusion 4. We have a mix of ESX, Workstation, etc. The only issue I’ve had is Fusion does not see my BootCamp and I’ve had to jump through all sorts of hoops to access my data. I’ll most likely backup my BC & wipe the entire machine starting from scratch, but I am a happy camper.

  58. Fusion 3.1.4 doesn’t work?
    Only 15 months old?
    Fusion 4.x Costs more than the Mac and Lion upgrades put together?
    Hellloooooo Parallel!s!

  59. How on earth can you fail to support the upgrade to Mountain Lion? WTF were you thinking? Switching to Virtualbox. Bad, bad bad…

  60. I have both parallels desktop 7 and Fusion 3.1.4. I just upgrade osx to mountain lion. Now I can not run Fusion 3.1.4 any more. But parallels desktop 7 allowed me to download a new build and continue using it. Now I know which company I should rely on when come to virtual machine.

  61. PLEASE NOTE: I have version 4.1.3 and although it runs under MountainLion, it eventually crashes when running a Windows 7 VM. It does not crash when running Windows XP machines.

  62. Like a few others, I was running 3.1.4 on Lion and saw no reason to upgrade. It ran better on my Mac than Parallels ever did.
    I don’t intend to switch, but would either like to see a 3.1.5, or an upgrade discount when 5.0 comes out. Throw us a bone, please!

  63. WOW…. I’m not going to bash any company, only the people that blindly update their OS without doing the research to see what might be affected.
    Has nobody learned anything in the last 20 years?!?
    I don’t upgrade to any Windows operating system until at least SP2 is released, and I won’t update my MacOS box (running 10.7.4 and Fusion 4.1.3) for at least another six months to give Apple a chance to make a few dot releases and VMware to address the associated issues.
    Whine all you want… it’s your own fault.

  64. WOW…. I’m not going to bash any company, only the people that blindly update their OS without doing the research to see what might be affected.
    Has nobody learned anything in the last 20 years?!?
    I don’t upgrade to any Windows operating system until at least SP2 is released, and I won’t update my MacOS box (running 10.7.4 and Fusion 4.1.3) for at least another six months to give Apple a chance to make a few dot releases and VMware to address the associated issues.
    Whine all you want… it’s your own fault.

    1. Read your comment again and you will see years of abuse by crappy software companies quite evident.
      You know, there are other options out there, repeat after me ” It is not my fault, I don’t have to suffer anymore”.

  65. Does VM WARE Fusion 4 work on Mountain Lion Please?

    I have been told that it will not work.

    I have a new unopened box which may be no good to me.


    1. My Fusion 4 is crashing Mountain Lion even when launched from unprivileged account. Updated it to recommended version 4.1.3 – no luck. Yesterday I had to install virtualbox, because I need to work, not to reboot each time I am trying to run VM Fusion.

  66. im going to buy parallels 8 and make a VM of 10.6 to use my fusion 3 to get to my old VMs cleaned up. then im going to port my fusion to parallels and move my VM perm. goodby vmware.

  67. At 1st I thought, well things can happen, maybe some problem in relation to the newly introduced Gatekeeper. I give it a glance later.

    So, today I need to do some VMWare stuff and am stunned by the bold reaction by VMWare. You – VMWare – are not doing a well thought job. You are going to lose buyers of future apps including me. Also in my work as an IT-professional I will take this aftercare ‘measures’ into account.

    Underestimating the power of your customers in (Social Media) is a misfit – hope VMWare will change soon.

  68. So 3.1.4 doesn’t work on Mountain Lion…. But why the heck would it let me install it on there and then tell me it won’t work? Irritating.

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