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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Buy VMware Fusion 4 today and get the next version for free!

You'll be pleased to know that if you purchase VMware Fusion 4 from July 25th through September 30th 2012, you are eligible for a complimentary upgrade to the next version of VMware Fusion.

Whether VMware Fusion 4 is purchased electronically from VMware, from a VMware reseller or as a retail box during this time period, you will be eligible for a free electronic upgrade to the next version of VMware Fusion.

We will provide more details on how to receive your free upgrade with the announcement of the next version of VMware Fusion.

When will the next version of VMware Fusion be announced? Stay tuned!

Until then, enjoy VMware Fusion 4.

If you have questions about running VMware Fusion 4 on Mountain Lion, please click here.

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VMware Fusion and OS X Mountain Lion FAQ (Updated)

VMware Fusion 4.1.3 works with OS X Mountain Lion made generally available today. We’ve been fielding a number of questions from current users about using VMware Fusion with Mountain Lion and have compiled the answers to common questions below. You’re also welcome to leave additional questions in the comments below.


Does VMware Fusion 4 work with Mountain Lion?

Yes, the latest version of VMware Fusion 4, version 4.1.3 works with Mountain Lion and is signed with our Developer ID. This makes VMware Fusion 4.1.3 compatible with Gatekeeper, a feature enabled by default in Mountain Lion.


What should I do before upgrading to Mountain Lion?

Ensure your copy of VMware Fusion 4 is up-to-date using VMware Fusion > Check for Updates. VMware Fusion 4.1.3 is the latest available version at the time of writing.


I upgraded to Mountain Lion and now VMware Fusion 4 won’t start. What happened?

Mountain Lion appears to detect some older versions of VMware Fusion 4 and prevent them from launching. To resolve this issue, login to http://my.vmware.com/ (free product registration required) and download VMware Fusion 4.1.3. It can be found under “Products & Downloads > All Downloads > VMware Fusion”


Does VMware Fusion 3 work with Mountain Lion?

No. VMware Fusion 3 was released in October 2009 and was optimized for Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard.  VMware Fusion 3 is no longer being updated for newer versions of Mac OS. Customers wishing to run VMware Fusion on Mountain Lion should use VMware Fusion 4. A free 30-day trial is available for current VMware Fusion 3 users. The trial can be found here: http://www.vmware.com/go/tryfusion


You'll be pleased to know that if you purchase VMware Fusion 4 from July 25th through September 30th 2012, you are eligible for a complimentary upgrade to the next version of VMware Fusion. For more info click here.

OS X Mountain Lion Released to the Masses!

Today is an exciting day for all of us in the Apple community; Apple released OS X Mountain Lion. We have using OS X Mountain Lion since its early developer release and are extremely excited about this latest Mac OS. 


Based on our experience as well as those in the developer community, VMware Fusion 4.1.3 currently runs on OS X Mountain Lion without any known major issues. We are super excited about a lot of the new features and always looking for ways that we may be able to take advantage of them in VMware Fusion. Stay Tuned!

 If you are using one of the new Retina Mac Book Pro’s with VMware Fusion 4 check out the blog post here on how to optimize VMware Fusion with the display.


To learn more about VMware Fusion 4 or download a free 30 day trial click HERE


Quick note to users running VMware Fusion on a Retina Macbook Pro

Just a quick note to folks lucky enough to get their hands on a Retina Macbook Pro. A small number of users have mentioned an issue with their Windows Virtual Machine not maintaining a constant screen resolution. We are here to report the quick fix.

From the applications folder right click on VMware Fusion, and select: "get info". 

Then from the info window check the box titled: "Open in low resolution"


Once this box has been selected, you are good to go. Windows will match the screen resolution of OS X just like you would expect.


If you would like more info about VMware Fusion or to download a 30 day trial click here