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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Get Money Back When You Buy VMware Fusion

The VMware Fusion Team is excited to announce a limited time offer for anyone who is new to running Windows on their Mac and purchases VMware Fusion 3 between October 15 and December 31, 2010.

Last night we unveiled a promotion, good through the holiday season, for new VMware Fusion users to  get $30 back after purchasing VMware Fusion 3.  And if you live outside the Americas, we've got a rebate for you too!

When you buy VMware Fusion 3 outside of the US and Canada (in any of the eligible countries listed below), you can get money back in your local currency.  See rebate amounts listed below:

And for existing VMware Fusion users, or users of Parallels Desktop for Mac, you may have already heard of the other incredible promotion that’s we launched a few weeks ago: Upgrade to VMware Fusion 3 for only $9.99!  With this offer, we really wanted to make it easy for existing VMware and Parallels customers to get VMware Fusion 3.

If you’re deciding whether you want VMware Fusion 3 – and if this money back offer still doesn’t have you convinced – here are some other considerations:

  • Mac computers are sleek and awesome.  You wish you needed to use a PC.  VMware Fusion makes that easy.
  • VMware brings more than 12 years of stable and reliable virtualization experience to the Mac, so you can run your most important applications fearlessly (we certainly do).
  • Run Windows, the Mac way.  Windows apps run like Mac apps and respond to Mac shortcuts and commands.
  • VMware Fusion 3 comes with a complementary 12-month subscription to anti-virus software so you can protect your Mac and run Windows safely.
  • If you think virtualization is confusing, don’t stress – VMware offers 12 months of complementary email support (in English) with every purchase of VMware Fusion 3.

Buy VMware Fusion 3 and get $30 back: vmware.com/go/buyfusion
Upgrade to VMware Fusion 3 for $9.99: vmware.com/go/unparalleled   
Learn more about the $30 Rebate Offer: vmware.com/go/rebates