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MacFormat UK: VMware Fusion an essential Mac application



MacFormat recently wrote a great article about the 40 essential apps and add-ons you need for your Mac. Craig Grannell said that these products are “the best ways to improve your Mac, balancing affordability and quality.”

There are some extremely useful products on the MacFormat essentials list that we rely upon every day including Snow Leopard, Dropbox, Adium and many more. We are VERY happy that VMware Fusion was chosen for this remarkable list of software and hardware products that help get the most out of your Mac.

Craig Grannell said “For years, Windows in a window was a nightmarish, sluggish affair. But with the arrival of Intel Macs, virtualisation software has come a long way in a short time. VMware Fusion is our favourite … making it absurdly easy to get a virtual Windows PC running on your Mac. Switchers can run Windows-only apps; web designers can test in IE; no-one has to suffer the horrors of owning a real PC.”

We agree with this statement wholeheartedly and are happy that no one else has to suffer the horrors of owning a real PC thanks to VMware Fusion.

Now that VMware Fusion 3.1 is out, it is easier than ever to switch to the Mac. New Mac users can get even more out of a Mac purchase with VMware Fusion 3.1.  And to deliver the “absurdly easy” experience of bringing your PC to your Mac, VMware includes all of the software you need to make the switch today.

We’re looking forward to playing with some of the other software mentioned in the article.