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40% off VMware Fusion through 9/10

VMware Online Store 3-Day Sale

If you don't already have VMware Fusion, or have been thinking about getting a copy for a friend or family member, now may be a good time.  The VMware online store is hosting a 3-day sale for 40% off VMware Fusion 2 (and VMware Workstation).

Apply discount code “DESKTOPSALE” at checkout.  | vmware.com/go/buyfusion | Offer ends 9/10.


5 thoughts on “40% off VMware Fusion through 9/10

  1. Ehren

    Is there any way those of us who bought VMWare at the end of August (10% discount) can take advantage of this retroactively? Given that the website said, “Prices go up September 1st,” I feel like a bit of a sucker.

  2. KaySteven

    Is there any way you would extend that 3-day-offer?
    Got a brand new iMac 24″ for my birthday last saturday (09-19) and would love to use some Win-Apps.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Adam J

    With the latest iMac 27″ VMware Fusion 3.01 display driver can’t display Redhat Linux in full screen, just a smaller window. (confirmed by Redhat support)

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