Windows 7 on Mac with VMware Fusion: A Practical Guide Revisited

win7 There has been a lot of buzz flying around Windows 7 since its public beta release earlier this year. Team Fusion released a Practical Guide to Windows 7 on Mac with VMware Fusion when the Windows 7 public beta was released earlier and lots of users took advantage of the opportunity to check out the forthcoming version of Windows.

In fact, I have been running my day to day work life out of a Windows 7 Public Beta VM using Mirrored Folders and Shared Applications since the beta was released and it has been working really well with a couple of known caveats that we mentioned at the time.

Today, Microsoft released a public release candidate of Windows 7. We have installed Windows 7 RC on a number of Macs from a first generation MacBook Air to a higher end MacBook Pro and Windows 7 RC is really responsive with the default VMware Fusion settings on all Macs we have tried.

Personally, I am excited to see the improvements in my day to day use of Windows 7 at work. More important, I am excited that the Windows 7 Release Candidate is the easiest way for you to try out Windows on your Mac for FREE (at least until the beta expires). That’s right, you can download Windows 7 Release Candidate through July 1st and it’s free to use until it expires on June 1, 2010.

While VMware Fusion won’t formally support Windows 7 until it is released later this year, the Windows 7 Release Candidate works really well in VMware Fusion 2.0.4 based on our initial testing.

Getting Up and Running with Windows 7 in VMware Fusion

Windows 7 Release Candidate, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions, is not officially supported with VMware Fusion 2 today, but the VMware Fusion features you rely upon including Drag and Drop, Unity, Shared Applications, and more all seem to work really well so far.

The caveats we mentioned for the Windows 7 Public Beta around 3D, Shared Folders, and Mirrored Folders are NO longer an issue with the Windows 7 Release Candidate.

We plan to fully support Windows 7 after it is officially released with a future release of VMware Fusion.

See below for some guidance on how to set things up for best success.

NOTE: If you have an existing Windows 7 Beta virtual machine or Windows XP virtual machine, you CANNOT upgrade them to Windows 7 RC according to Microsoft. You will need to create a new Windows 7 RC virtual machine.

Download the Windows 7 Release Candidate

First, download the Windows 7 Release Candidate ISO from Microsoft’s Windows 7 site and get yourself a release candidate product key. You can use 32-bit or 64-bit, but the world is moving to 64-bit for better performance, so this example will assume you are using the 64-bit edition of Windows 7. Just download the Windows 7 ISO to your desktop.

Creating Your Windows 7 Virtual Machine

First, you’ll create a new virtual machine, the same as you’ve done before via “File>New”:

Picture 1 

Next, we’re going to point the New Virtual Machine Assistant at the Windows 7 Release Candidate ISO you just downloaded. Typically, if you just insert a Windows install disk, VMware Fusion automatically recognizes what OS is in it, but in this case, we have to point it at the ISO.

Click “Continue without disk.”

Picture 2

Then, choose “Use operating system installation disk image file”:

Picture 3 

Just select the ISO in the dialog that pops up:

Picture 4

Windows Easy Install will parse the disk image as Windows Vista (either 32 or 64 bit, depending on which ISO you downloaded). Accept the Vista default option.

Picture 5

Next, enter the serial key that was provided to you by Microsoft, and paste it into the Windows Product Key entry in Windows Easy Install.

Picture 9

At this point, you should see your final configuration setup, with 1 GB of RAM assigned, and a virtual hard disk that will expand up to 40GB (but will start much smaller). Click “Finish.”

Picture 8

Once you hit “Finish,” Windows Easy Install will be off and running, installing Windows 7. You’ll see some reboots, and VMware Tools will install automatically.

After that’s all finished, you should be able to play around with Windows 7 as you would expect.

Picture 10 

While the Windows 7 Release Candidate works well in our limited testing so far, it is not a supported configuration today, so there could be bugs you encounter until we have full support in a future VMware Fusion release with the final shipping Windows 7 software.

Tweaking Windows 7 for the Best Experience

Securing Windows

One of the most used VMware Fusion features is Unity 2.0, which includes Mirrored Folders so that Windows applications work like Mac apps and they work with your existing files and folders stored in your Mac


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  1. Good stuff, I tried 7 build 7068 and then 7100 in VMWare Workstation for Linux. Works great.
    But that’s funny that you guys recommend installing Anti-virus in Windows guest OS. I am thinking that what is Windows for? Now I understand that we run Windows to install Antivirus software! LOL.

  2. Chris,
    Aero is LOT of work and a whole new graphics architecture.
    However, we can’t comment on unannounced or future product plans. Sorry!
    Terry – Have to recommend AV if you are using features like Mirrored Folders, or people could get into trouble.

  3. I just finished installing Win7 64 on my MacBook Pro, but now I’m wondering if there’s really anything to be gained if I’m just giving the VM 2GB of RAM to play with. Working in the CAD world, most people point to 64-bit as the solution to the 3GB RAM limit. With the 2GB VM setup, am I just wasting processing power in virtualizing the 64-Bit architecture?

  4. Good Question, James — I am wondering the same thing. I’m also weighing it against the fact that some Windows software isn’t supported on 64-bit OS, and I might have a hard time troubleshooting whether something had an issue with Win7, or with 64-bit.

  5. Hi – Just tried the instructions above and also installed all bootcamp x64 frivers. DVD Drive is not working for me – doesnt seem to detect the physical drive whetever I do Macbook 13.3 Unibody – anyone else having this issue – everythign else works, even iSight and I have re-installed VMWARE tools. The NEC driver appears for the CD Drive in Windows7 Device manager – just never kicks in.

  6. Has anyone tried adding a VMWare shared folder to Media Center in the Windows 7 RC? I haven’t been able to do it. Here’s my scenario:
    I have all of my music and video on a firewire drive connected to my Mac Mini. I have the folder with the videos attached to the Windows 7 VM as a shared folder (read-write) in VMWare fusion. The folder shows up in Windows explorer, and I can browse the contents that way. I can also play videos off of the drive in Windows Media player. So far, so good.
    However, when I try to add the folder to my library in Media Center, none of the subdirectories display and I can’t see any of my media. Perhaps Media Center isn’t thrilled with hgfs?
    This isn’t a dealbreaker or anything; I just thought it would be fun to try. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Thanks.

  7. OK so in answer to my own post, I am sure there is an easy way to do this by changing a config file but the problem seems to be becausde I installed form a hard disk image, the V< is trying to detect that device as the DVD-ROM. I burnt an ISO of Windows7 to DVD installed from that and now it is all working perfectly, I am sure there are easier ways to fix this and I would still be interested to know how but at least it might help any other noob following the instructions above who has the same issue! Not an elegant solution but a working one!

  8. Followed your previous guide and installed the beta, thanks for this next guide for the RC. It is (so far) even easier this time round. Thanks.

  9. I followed the instructions above but cannot seem to get the aero experience enabled. I ran the windows experience index but only get a 1.0 on gaming graphics and 1.9 on performance for aero. I’m running vmware on a new macbook pro so definitely have the power. Any ideas? Thanks.

  10. As a followup to my question, the issue definitely has something to do with the way that Windows Media Center sees the VMWare shared folder. From the Mac, I created a samba share for the video directory on the firewire drive, and that works fine. Once I mapped the Samba share to a drive in Windows 7, I could add it to the Video library in Media Center. Media Center recognized all of the files and a few minutes later, I was streaming them to the 360. Pretty slick! I would have liked to use the VMWare shared folder, but the samba approach will work.
    Interestingly, the 360 will play files that Media Center on the Windows 7 VM won’t. I don’t think that’s anything to do with VMWare Fusion, though. It’s probably just a codec issue in the default Win7 install.

  11. I suppose you may not be able to answer this but I’ll ask anyway:
    Will Fusion be updated (or beta updates released, if that’s a thing) throughout the life of the RC, or is everything relating to Windows 7 effectively frozen until the official release?

  12. I have a new macpro 2.66 with 6GB ram – plenty of grunt- however I get the following message when I try to run Windows 7 after installing. I have tried both the Vista X 64(May 09) and the Server 2008 (Jan 09) versions suggested by the VM guide.
    VMware Fusion unrecoverable error: (vmx)
    ASSERT bora/vmcore/vmx/main/cpuid.c:586
    A log file is available in “/var/folders/NE/NEPsJH9SFKWey8fbgoMVoE+++TQ/-Tmp-//vmware-ijo/vmware-ijo-2526.log”. A core file is available in “/cores/core.2527”. Please request support and include the contents of the log file and core file.
    Anyone have any suggestions? Do I need a purchased copy of Vista to make it work?

  13. Installed Windows7 RC on Bootcamp partition, then attempted to run it in VMWare Fusion.
    Beta worked fine, but RC BSODs during the startup animation – it’s a quick flash before rebooting, but it seems to be having trouble with the disk hardware.
    I downloaded the trial version of Parallels, and the bootcamp partition works fine there, so I am assuming it must be a current incompatibility between Fusion 2.0.4 and Windows7RC on Bootcamp.
    Have you had this issue reported already?

  14. I’m having a lot of trouble with networking, specifically with Internet Explorer. (Aluminum MBP – 4gb ram, 1gb and 1proc assigned to win7 rc). I am routinely seeing the alert that there is no internet access. IE seems to just CRAWL or not work. Sometimes other browsers will work when IE won’t, and sometimes they don’t function either. I’ve tried lots of networking settings but am hoping that others have this solved. I too am hoping for an interim release of Fusion with more support for Win7 RC (I don’t care about Aero at all)

  15. Mark,
    We have not tried with Windows 7 with Boot Camp since Apple doesn’t support it at this time.
    I will forward this into the team for future consideration.

  16. Aaron,
    Is this a newly created VM or a Boot Camp VM?
    Networking should work just fine and IE is zippy in all our tests.
    We have had to make no changes for Windows 7 so far, it follows the Vista model.
    Have you tried moving to bridged networking from NAT and does that work better for you?

  17. I tried installing Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro using Fusion 2.0.4 but it gets to the first screen and asks for drivers:
    “No device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, then click OK.”
    I have tried it with an installation CD then tried ripping off the iso to install directly off my local HDD but it gives the same error for both.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  18. I have the same issue as Brad, and have been unable to find an answer anywhere.
    If it helps, I have the 32-bit release candidate. Installing on an iMac within VMware Fusion 2.04.

  19. It was a newly created Vista 32bit VM. I’ve tried all three forms of networking – but no joy. I’m going to try doing a rollback and see if it’s software I installed or an update that caused the problem. (it was perfect for several days – so much so that I pitched my Vista VM!). Love the performance – so much faster than Vista. (and seems faster than my vague memories of XP)

  20. If anyone else has the issue I had above (Fusion + Bootcamp + Win7 RC crashing with BSOD during startup animation) here is the fix.
    I previously was Bootcamping Windows 7 Beta, and it looks like the vmx and vmdk that Fusion had prepared for that installation did not like booting the Windows 7 RC.
    You need to let Fusion re-prepare/generate your new Windows 7 partition for running under Fusion, you can do this by simply deleting the following folder.
    ~/Library/Application Support/VMWare Fusion/Virtual Machines/Bootcamp
    Once you’ve deleted this folder, Start VMWare and then run your Bootcamp VM – Fusion will “prepare” the partition for use, and boot up successfully.

  21. Thanks for the guide! I’ve tried it out and it works. I’m running Windows 7 RC on Fusion 2.0.4; my machine is a stock 2GHz unibody MacBook. A few notes from my experience:
    (1) Disabling 3D acceleration makes things go much more smoothly. The system is much more responsive, and there are fewer (none) visual artefacts.
    (2) When I changed the machine to use two virtual processors, the audio started having problems. When doing an “Audio and video setup” in Messenger, the audio playback test is badly distorted. The YouTube videos I tested also exhibited some slight distortion, and the “Configure” stuff in the Control Panel’s “Manage audio devices” is also pretty bad. Changing to using only a single one ironed out most of the problems, although there is still a bit of distortion now and then.
    (3) While installing into a “Windows Vista” machine did work, I switched it to Windows Server 2008 later (which was the recommended mode for Win7Beta) and it worked just fine too… perhaps just a tiny bit smoother, although I’m not sure about that.
    (4) Regardless of what I do, I get the freak-out on booting too.
    I’m very happy with how it’s all working. Thanks!

  22. Installed W7 RC on my 1.66GHz Mini. I also have a W2K VM on the same machine. I installed it as Vista and it works fine, although pokier than W2K, naturally. Previously I tried installing it as Server 2008, but it eventually blue-screened, so I not sure that’s a good route with the RC.
    Hardware Acceleration is ON, but no Aero eye candy due to the Mini’s lame graphics. The VM runs noticeably SLOWER with Hardware Acceleration OFF.
    I was able to cure a few red Xs in the Event Log by turning on a few services that I assume were supposed to be on.
    All in all, an interesting experiment.

  23. Aero isn’t supported, it has nothing to do with the graphic power of your computer. Aero needs WDDM graphics support, which VMware Fusion as of yet does not contain.

  24. I’ve discovered what my problem is – I downloaded a different “version”.
    I use quote marks as I’m not sure how to describe it. The version I downloaded, when you first put the disk in had a square box-style status bar, whereas the correct version (which my boss downloaded independently of me) has the solid bar as seen in Vista et al.
    Also, when you get to the loading screen, the correct version has the proper ‘flying dots to form the Windows logo’ whereas the incorrect version uses the old XP-esque ‘Knight Rider’ style loading bar.
    The install is running beside me on my Mac and seems happy as Larry. If anyone else notices this please pass this on.
    I guess it wouldn’t be an easy one to spot unless you waste 5GB and download two versions!

  25. My post vanished from yesterday! I mentioned that my above problem about missing drivers stemmed from downloading a different “version”. The version I downloaded, when you first put the disk in had a square box-style status bar, whereas the correct version (which my boss downloaded independently of me) has the solid bar as seen in Vista et al.
    Also, when you get to the loading screen, the correct version has the proper ‘flying dots to form the Windows logo’ whereas the incorrect version uses the old XP-esque ‘Knight Rider’ style loading bar.

  26. I’m running Windows 7 as a client and the only problem I’ve had is that the tp autoconnect program quits as it is booting up. Everything else is working fine.

  27. Did anyone find a solution to the “No drivers detected” issue? Can you fix it by just installing the 32-bit version instead?

  28. Did anyone find a solution to the “No drivers detected” issue? Can you fix it by just installing the 32-bit version instead?

  29. Hey, does anyone have 3D working? They said above that it’s supposed to work with the release candidate. I need DirectX9 for my layout software.

  30. I am running Windows 7 on VMware Fusion via a Boot Camp Partition. Everything installed great, except I’m having trouble connecting to the internet through my Mac’s connection. I have all the settings correct, but it says I need a driver, but I don’t know which one. Could anyone help?

  31. For you folks with 2GB RAM (or even less): don’t even bother with Win 7; stick with XP Pro. The performance difference (Fusion 2.0.4, 3.06 GHz, 2GB RAM,40 GB virtual disk) is just appalling; like watching Räikkönen drive a Yugo in an F1 race.
    Also, how come Win7 (and Vista) can see the network if I leave it in NAT mode, but changing it to pass-through means nothing works?

  32. I am just wondering if I should be running the 32bit or the 64bit version of the software. I will be running Quicken and a few other non-mac programs (ocassionaly running AutoCAD and Revit from AutoDesk). Sorry about the newb question, just wanting to get my set-up right. My computer details are as follows:
    Mac OS X 10.5.7
    2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    P.S. I have some serious lag just moving the windows around in previous virtual machine installations. It is really choppy. Any way to get around this?

  33. I have had a problem after using Windows Easy Install on my 15-inch Macbook pro for WIn7 RC-it logs on with a temporary profile. I’m now trying without Easy Install.

  34. DOn’t use Easy Install, as there seems to be a problem with temporary profiles.
    plus, iSight isnt working

  35. I have a new MBP 15″ 2.8Ghz. Used migration assistant to move stuff from my Mac Pro. It moved VMWare which is good since this is the machine that I’ll use for MS Office 2007 required by a graduate program I’m starting soon. I’ve tried to install Win7 RC 64bit. The Easy Install works fine up the Finish screen but then nothing happens and I end up on a blank VM screen that has New / Open buttons at the bottom. I believe this is the same screen that would show installed virtual machines. I’m at wits end. I’ve tried to install several times, even uninstall VMWare and started over. Always the same results. Any ideas???

  36. I have used fusion and windows 7 beta (on the bootcamp partition) without any problems. After installing the Windos 7 RC I can’t connect to the network no matter which option (NAT, bridged or host) I choose. Any advice?

  37. the install of windows 7 into a pre-allocated disk works well. however, using the bootcamp partition as a vm seems to require a reactivation of both windows and microsoft apps even after installing vmwaretools which is unavoidable as it does so automatically in 2.0.5 when you first boot windows in your bootcamp partition.
    Rebooting the MacMini into bootcamp reveals that it thinks that windows 7 as well as all microsoft apps are not activated and must be reactivated. Shutting down, rebooting into OSX, launching vmware fusion, restarting it with the bootcamp partition as the virtual machine creates a circle of reactivations that this could be written and re-written, but you get the general idea.
    Speed was more snappy when using the bootcamp partition as the vm than when not. So was confused about that, but…the reactivation issue is just that, an issue which needs to be resolved as something is switching things in the registry vs. just reading them as it should be doing.

  38. Has anyone tried to use a Data partition that is shared between Mac OS X, Bootcamped Windows 7, and the same environment run via VMWare Fusion? I use iPartition, MacDrive 8 (beta 2) and VMWare Fusion 2.0.5 and it all works fine except that VMWare can’t access the Data disk via drive D as it’s defined in Bootcamp. I see it under the Z drive (as a network share). A couple apps I use need the data drive to (1) be accessible on a local drive (like D) and not move around (needs to be the same drive letter whether run from bootcamp of vmware. Those last 2 points make it more difficult. Any thoughts? I am able to share the data partition as a network share but then it shows up as local D drive when booting to Win 7 on Bootcamp but as a network shared Z drive when booting to Mac OS and vmware fusion. Thanks all!

  39. They *need* to get Aero working for the Win7 release. It was annoying not having it with Vista, but at least then it was mostly just eye-candy being lost. With Win7 it’s integral to many of the core features of the OS.
    I won’t upgrade to the next version of Fusion if this isn’t working, it’s a deal breaker. The current version is good enough for everything else…

  40. About the Aero functionality:
    Aero isn’t new for Win7. I know it would be a lot of work to create a WDDM driver, but haven’t you had since 2007 when Vista was released? How can this still be missed? I want a truly seamless VM experience, and without Aero, that just isn’t going to happen. The non-Aero UI is ugly and stuck on blue. If you could at least customize the color, I’d hate it less, but that’s a Microsoft problem, not yours.
    VMWare: As an enterprise customer of yours, I continue to see big misses in things that, while they seem difficult, you’ve had plenty of time to work on.
    I also have had many issues where your sales team is inspired and motivated to help me, but your technical consultants and engineers seem to “pick and choose” what problems need solving. This seems like an example of that on your consumer end.

  41. Hi there – I’ve installed Windows 7 RTM x64 Pro on a dedicated hard disk on my Mac Pro – it creates two partitions (a 100MB “System Reserved” and the remaining space for the boot volume).
    I installed Win7 under Boot Camp and now I’m trying to preprocess the BOOTCAMP partition for VMWare – but it tries to work with the “System Reserved” volume, not the BOOTCAMP volume – and fails.
    I’ve tried to get VMWare to reset the proprocessing by deleting the folder in /Library… but it keeps trying to grab the System Reserved volume.
    Help? I appreciate it.

  42. Will this work with Windows 7 Professional that was released today? I wasn’t able to find an ISO to download, only a downloader that unloaded BOX files after the download completed.

  43. Does VMWare work with Windows 7 Professional that just came out today? Also, I wasn’t able to find the ISO that this guide referred to, but got a download client instead which unpacked some BOX files. Would those work as well?

  44. Hopefully this will help. I just installed Win 7 on a MBP Leopard. Neither network card nor DVD were recognized automatically.
    Didnt recognize the internet.
    Added a line to the .vmx file I found in other blogs.
    ethernet0.virtualDEV = “e1000”
    That fixed the network card. For more info see:
    DVD wasnt recognized. Go to Fusion menu: Virtual Machine: Cd/DVD: CD/DVD Settings: and choose * Specify physical CD/DVD drive. The Matsushita drive appeared and it worked like magic!

  45. Just got my Win 7 Pro release disks…
    Tried installing, followed ususl directions and the VM window goes to “Network boot from Intel E1000” and fails. “Operating System not found”?
    Tried actual disks & iso files, no luck.
    Any help?

  46. I’m trying to install (a clean one) the Windows 7RC (32bit) on my Mac Book Pro 4.1, with Mac OS X V 10.5.8, using VMware Fusion 2.0.6. My problem is, the installation is asking for “A required CD/DVD drive is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD or USB Flash drive, please insert it now”. I try the Mac OS X original installation CD, but it didn’t have the drive. Try the Windows7UpgradeAdvisorSetup.exe, but it runs for hours and hours, and
    shows nothing. So, how can I solve this problem. The CD/DVD is a Matshita DVD-R UJ-867 ATAPI. Searched the internet, but did not find anything helpful. Also, I’ve downloaded the Win 7RC about a week before MS remove it from the site, so, I suppose it is the final version.

  47. Hi,
    So I’m running VMware Fusion 3.01 with Windows 7 and I haven’t found a way to get windows to recognize my music and videos stores on the mac side to show up as a valid library through VMware share. This means that I can’t get Windows Media Player to locate any of my music that is stored in my music folder on the mac side. I can directly drag an drop songs into the playlist, but it won’t recognize a valid library.
    Any thoughts?

  48. I have a macbook pro, and I used vmware fusion to install windows xp, I want to install bluetooth drivers in windows xp, the bluetooth is already available in windows xp but I dont have the drivers, also i have an Iphone and I need to use it as a modem, like I can use it in the macbook… how can I install the bluetooth drivers???

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