“My Switch to VMware Fusion” Video Contest: The Results Are Out!

A couple months ago we challenged Fusion Fans to flex their creativity by making a video telling their story of switching to VMware Fusion for Windows on Mac – whether from Boot Camp or from other competing products in the market.

Since then we’ve received no fewer than 50 entries from our awesome users – users who told the tale how switching to VMware Fusion had improved their Mac experiences by making Windows on the Mac finally “just work.”

First off, we want to thank all of you who submitted to the contest. Not only were the videos fun to watch, but they also made us feel proud to be a part of the VMware Fusion team.

A Winner Has Emerged: Cara Jean Means, the Super-Mom

Our internal judging panel has decided on a winner! Congratulations to Cara Jean Means, full-time mother and part-time student from Utah, on winning our grand prize – a new MacBook Air! (Not too shabby, eh?)

Cara loves to use the slick media applications on her Mac to organize family photos, but she also needs to run Internet Explorer to access her school’s web apps, along with other Windows-only apps.

Instead of using Boot Camp to switch between her Mac and Windows OS, Cara uses VMware Fusion for a seamless user experience.

Wait! There’s More.

We’re not done giving away prizes yet. There were so many great videos that we decided to give away two runner-up prizes.

Congratulations to Griffin Hammond and Joshua Lindsey, our first and second runner-ups! Each of them will be receiving a new iPod Touch.

A while ago, we’ve blogged about Griffin Hammond’s switch to VMware Fusion to run Adobe Audition on his Mac.


Joshua Lindsey from Kentucky uses VMware Fusion for work at school and play at home. (Microsoft Works and Doom on the Mac, anyone?)

Watch All the Videos: Why Everyone’s Switching to Fusion

There are many other great videos showing the why other Mac users have switched to VMware Fusion. Watch them here.

By the way, every contestant will be getting an awesome VMware Fusion t-shirt, a “My MAC <3 VMware” bumper sticker, and, as a bonus, an iPod speaker docking station.

Thanks for all your support!


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